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Land O Lakes Rental Value

Land O Lakes Rental Value

Land O Lakes Rental Value.  Determining how much you should rent your investment property for is important.  In today’s real estate market, there are a lot of properties listed for rent, so finding comparables is not a problem.

The first thing you should do is determine how much you need to rent the property for to have a good cashflow (add up all of the costs associated, taxes, insurance, association dues, maintenance, property management fees, mortgage).  You want to know where you stand compared to the current market rental rate.  You want your property to generate income for you and be an asset, not a liability.

Next, go to craigslist or do a Google search for the street name + “for rent”.  This should direct you to several comparable properties.  You should look for properties with the same amount of bedrooms, bathrooms and square footage.  Some may have pools, be on the water or several acres of land, these rates should be adjusted up or down compared to your property.  Find four or five comparables and then take the average of them.  This gives you a ballpark range for what is reasonable in the area.

Then compare the average rent to the amount you need in order to get a cashflow on the property.Set your rate at what is going to give you the maximum amount of return on investment possible, while still being competitive with the nearby properties.

In today’s market, you definitely need to be in the same range as the comparables.  There is too much supply on the market and your property will not get any attention unless it is priced reasonably.

Once you have your rental rate set, add $25.  This will give you some room to negotiate a solid lease.  Find out your Land O’ Lakes Rental Value by contacting Relevé Real Estate.

May 2019 Land O Lakes
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May 2019 Land O’ Lakes Real Estate Statistics

The Land O’ Lakes Real Estate Market Report for May 2019

Significant Market Notes:

We remain in a balanced market with supply and demand generally remaining equal, with a slight lean in favor of buyers.

The median closing price is up $10K month over month.

The median days on the market decreased by 30 days month over month

  • the median listing price of $295.1K for $133 per sq ft.
  • the median closing price of $269K
  • 885 homes for sale
  • 66 homes for rent
  • 69 median days on the market

Get a free market value analysis.

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May 2019 Land O’ Lakes Real Estate Statistics” was provided by Relevé Real Estate with data released by the Greater Tampa Association of REALTORS®.

These numbers cover all of the neighborhoods in the Land O’ Lakes, FL zip codes of 34637, 34638 and 34639. All information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.

lutz home bidding
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Lutz Home Bidding Wars

lutz home bidding

Excessively numerous individuals experience an extreme time when they are attempting to set aside cash to purchase their fantasy home. One basic test that makes the whole procedure unpleasant is the opposition from other potential home purchasers. The huge fish out available target and the shallow pool of properties accessible. On the off chance that you don’t have enough cash to coordinate their offer, you’ll presumably miss out. However its each of the a matter of point of view, so lets talk about why being outbid may really be the best thing that can happen.

Being Outbid can be a Good Thing

While it can be unpleasant to put your offer on a specific property that is focused by the super-well off, it can likewise have a few advantages. One magnificent actuality is that being outbid in one home is not the end of everything. Assume you are outbid by a higher offer than the one you put on a particular home, there will dependably be another home somewhere else! There is constantly another home that will furnish you with the elements you’re searching at an a proper cost.

Saving Cash

One thing about being outbid on a home is that you wind up securing your financial plan. Stay with your financial plan and attempt to maintain a strategic distance from an offering war that could lead you well outside your agreeable extent. This implies you will spare cash and abstain from blowing your financial plan.

A few people commit the error of putting a higher offer just to win and secure proprietorship. Then again, you now have plunged into your stores and can no more stand to roll out the improvements you were wanting to make. Without the financial backing expected to remodel your home, it might never be the home you were trusting it would be.

Effective Methods for Being Outbid

A ton of potential homebuyers are tensed when they can’t win the offer and be the proprietor of a particular property. It is about being shrewd and utilizing the right techniques and tips to abstain from overspending and keep focused safe side. Here are a few bits of knowledge to bail you out.

What is Your Financial Plan?

Before you consider putting any offer on any home, you ought to again consider your financial plan and figure out whether you can bear the cost of the property or not. The point here is to buy what is inside your achieve, taking into account your funds. This implies current budgetary circumstances and conceivable future money related circumstances.

Don’t Get Scared

As you are planning to put an offer on a specific home, dependably remember that a few offers can be rejected. Never fear putting an offer on any home of your decision.

Know when to say When

Comprehend what it is that makes the property so engaging you and comprehend what it may cost to add such components to another house with a lower sticker price. Set your financial plan and go into the procedure in light of go down houses. Having a go down will permit you to stop at your point of confinement without any difficulty.

The Offer

You may experience a circumstance where the underlying cost of the house is truly very low, yet the last bidder will pay twofold the cost. Accordingly, examine the quantity of offers of a specific home before you surge in. Now and again you’ll run over intentionally low evaluating endeavoring to make an offering war. Keep in mind attempt to maintain a strategic distance from an offering war if conceivable.

Older Homes May Have More Value

At the point when the offering war is warming up on the top homes in the business sector, you can utilize this chance to search for more seasoned homes that need a touch of redesigning. Here, you won’t just spare cash, however you will have the opportunity to revamp the home to coordinate your inclination.

Have a Backup Plan

Before you partake in an offering war, you ought to dependably have a reinforcement home (as said prior) that you will swing to when you are outbid. This spares you time and extras you the anxiety of searching for another home once your objective home is no more. The reinforcement home can be well inside the cost and territory or in an alternate neighborhood all together. With everything taken into account, guarantee that you know where to swing to after you lose in an offering war.

You ought to set your financial plan and decide the “no-go zone”. On the off chance that any other person puts an offer that is past your farthest point, you will need to haul out as quickly as time permits. This will obviously spare you cash and keep you from making a buy you truly can’t bear. Anybody can be overpowered with regards to offering on a stupendous home. In any case, it is constantly encouraged to consider the consequence, and figure out what you will pay over the long haul. Continuously adhere to your financial plan, regardless of how exquisite and appealing the objective home appears. There will dependably be another home holding up to give all of you the elements you’re searching for at the value you need.

land o' lakes home
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Get Offers on Your Land O’ Lakes Home

Once you have decided to sell your Land O’ Lakes Home, you must figure out at what price to list it at.  There are many things that can affect the price of the home.  The time of year, buyer or seller’s market, curb appeal, recent sales in the area and how motivated a buyer is.  Getting it right is the first step towards having a successful closing.

Time on Market

If a property is on the market for a long time, this can be a negative factor for home shoppers.  They often wonder why it would be sitting so long, why has nobody bought it, why did sales fall through?  Have they gone through multiple realtors and multiple pending offers?  Buyers can automatically think that a there is something wrong with the home if it has just been on the market too long.  Many sellers make the mistake of pricing their Land O Lakes home to high, which can lead to long times on the market.  You may think that this is giving you some room to negotiate, but it is actually eliminating you from certain buyers searches.

Search Criteria

By pricing your Land O’ Lakes home to sell, you will show up in more search criteria for potential buyers.  For example, if you are hoping to get $310k for your home and you list it at that amount, but you would actually be happy with $300k, you would be eliminating all potential searches of your home by buyers whose budget is $300k.  It is better to show up in as many searches as possible, get potential buyers looking and viewing the home and then you have something to work with.

Just because a home is listed for a certain price does not mean that is what the home actually has to sell for.  The listing price is just the first step in the negotiation.  If there is a ton of interest in the Land O’ Lakes home, buyers can actually get into a bidding war, with your home ultimately selling for higher than list price.  Better to have options in your home sales.

The Price is Right

Work with your agent to get a comparative sales analysis for your home.  The agent will run comps to see what has recently sold in your area and how they compare to your Land O Lakes home.  Many factors come into play as far as the conditions of the home, upgrades, renovations, square-footage, lot size, curb appeal, etc.

Factor to Price

The condition of the home compared to the recent sales in the area gives you the best starting point for listing your home and beginning to get offers to consider.  Have there been any recent improvements to your Land O’ Lakes home?  Many small investments can add value to your home and ultimately your final sale price.  Screening in a porch or adding a fence can give you a significant return on investment.  Installing smart thermostats or smart security features can really make a buyer feel like your home is special.

Work with a Relevé Real Estate agent to price your Land O’ Lakes home to sell and get offers immediately.

Lutz Property Management
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Land O Lakes Florida Property Management

lutz pool

Relevé Real Estate finds tenants for homeowners and manages their properties. This includes maintenance, inspections, tenant management, all paperwork and accounting. Our services cover 13 towns/cities on the western side of Florida, one of which is Land O Lakes. The Better Business Bureau mentions 10 management companies under within the Land O Lakes area. For owners who are not local, or do not want to deal with being a landlord, then Land O Lakes Property Management, will find renters and manage your property for you.

The idea of the neighborhood seems to have changed a little over the years. A neighborhood now includes development communities. These are some of the neighborhoods in Land O Lakes: Connerton Village has “a walkable town center” in this neighborhood as well as a playground for children. Wilderness Lake Preserve has water access “with activities for all ages.”The “completely family friendly neighborhood” is how the Ballantrae Village views its self.  Suncoast Lake has “water access for those individual and families who enjoy spending time engaging in the water sport.” Plantation Palms is a “more upscale,” neighborhood. The Groves “is a wonderful community for all ages,” and their homes are on large lots. Some of these communities are gated, and the majority appears to have recreation areas and swimming pools for those who live there, plus offer amenities of some type or another.  Concord Station is a new community with full amenities being built by Lennar Homes.  Concord Station is close to all of the local schools, Sun Lake High School, Charles Rushe Middle School, Oakstead Elementary and Imagine Day School.  Also, along Highway 54 is the newer neighborhoods of Stonegate, Devonwood and Oakstead.

There are big plans along Highway 54 with more businesses opening up and Tampa Outlet Malls near I-75.  Some new master planned communities are Asturia and Starkey Ranch.

The Land O Lakes Property Florida Management agents can help you with all of your real estate needs including buying a home, selling your home or leasing your investment property.

luxury home study
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April 2019 Land O’ Lakes Real Estate Statistics

The Land O’ Lakes Real Estate Market Report for April 2019

Market Notes:

We remain in a balanced market with supply and demand generally remaining equal, with a slight lean in favor of buyers.

Median sales price and Days on the market remains flat year over year.

  • median listing price of $274.9K for $130 per sq ft.
  • median closing price of $259K
  • 875 homes for sale
  • 72 homes for rent
  • 99 median days on the market

Get a free market value analysis.

Contact us today to find out what your Land O’ Lakes home will sell or rent for with our free market analysis.


April 2019 Land O’ Lakes Real Estate Statistics” was provided by Relevé Real Estate with data released by the Greater Tampa Association of REALTORS®.

These numbers cover all of the neighborhoods in the Land O’ Lakes, FL zip codes of 34637, 34638 and 34639. All information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.

household chores
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Household Chores to Outsource

household choresYour time is valuable.  You want to make sure you are being as efficient as possible in your efforts and the best way to do this is outsource tasks where you feel your time would be better spent doing something else.

With an end goal to guarantee your house is running easily, it is critical to have a reasonable rundown of family unit tasks. Structure the nuts and bolts, including cleaning and cooking, which you ought to consider doing yourself on the off chance that you at all have the methods and adequate time close by. In the event that you appropriately set up a framework, it is exceptionally conceivable to have a reasonable household errand schedule. Be that as it may, for the accompanying undertakings and tasks, it is essential to think about employing as an expert for help.

Settling of Machines

Your household chores home apparatuses will undoubtedly break and require repair now and again. The driver may quit working, the ice chest may pass on or perhaps the can will begin spilling. At first, you may take a stab at altering the machines independent from anyone else in light of the fact that you think you know where the issue is or possibly you know what brought about the issue in any case.

You may wind up dismantling the whole apparatus and neglect to alter the issue. The genuine bad dream is the point at which you are not ready to collect the machine back to its underlying state. With regards to setting a broken house machine, it is savvy to procure an expert who comprehends what they are doing. You will spare yourself time and impressive measures of vitality.

Strolling Your Pooch

Clearly you have to ensure your pooch gets plentiful activity. You can’t manage the cost of household chores hustling home from work each day to walk your canine be that as it may. The nature of the strolls may end up being poor since you don’t have adequate time to give the puppy regular quality activity. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you have an adaptable work routine or work from home, you can without much of a stretch bear to give your canine regular strolls.

Then again, in the event that you have a tight work routine, it implies that you have least or even no opportunity to offer the quality activity to your puppy. You may need to search for an expert pooch walker in your general vicinity to handle routine strolls. You can likewise enlist experts from Their charge every hour and rates can’t surpass $30. Employing a canine walker will guarantee that your puppy stays cheerful and you can stay concentrated on work.

Cleaning Administrations

On the off chance that you have a tight calendar, you can pick to contract a cleaning proficient for your cleaning needs. What’s more, you can choose to buy a laundry pack. Today, there are various modest units in the business sector. Notwithstanding, the quantity of medicines and additionally their adequacy differ starting with one brand then onto the next.

To guarantee that you buy the best dry-cleaning pack, it is essential to request a few bits of knowledge from an expert. They will prescribe the right unit for your clothing needs taking into account their involvement with the items. You may likewise affirm with the names accessible on your garments to see if they require cleaning.

Day off

Expelling snow from your home can be a fun movement. Notwithstanding, it can likewise be a tedious affair. As per the Harvard Medicinal School, you can blaze roughly 223 calories inside 30 minutes of scooping snow. With the level of force portrayed by this scooping movement, it ought to just be endeavored by somebody who is physically fit.

In case you’re in the later years of your life clearing snow can be an amazingly requesting assignment. Furthermore, on the off chance that you may have a restorative intricacy that doesn’t permit you to join in high force exercises, it is insightful to ask from your wellbeing supplier before considering expelling snow from your home. You could put your well being in danger in the event that you neglect to take the vital precautionary measures. In the event that that is the situation, think about employing as an expert to clear snow from your home quick. Most experts possess the fundamental gear for such exercises.


Finishing is some other tedious and regularly work serious errand that can end up being extremely strenuous. household chores To finish it off on the off chance that you have regular hypersensitivities this can make the procedure totally deplorable. Finishing organizations are constantly accessible and they offer exceptionally moderate rates. For just $30 a week, your yard can be cut with no stress.

You will have more time to find quality Wesley chapel homes, lutz homes, and land o lakes homes.  An expert property manager will save you tons of time and help you to generate a passive income by finding good lutz property management, Wesley chapel property management and land o’ lakes property management.

Finding a harmony between effortlessly reasonable household tasks and the requirement for procuring an expert extraordinarily rely on upon spending plan and in addition the craving and aptitudes you have in a given territory. In the event that the advantages of contracting an expert exceed the costs, you ought to consider outsourcing certain undertakings . Different variables to consider incorporate time, your well-being and even your security.

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March 2019 Land O’ Lakes Real Estate Stats

The Land O’ Lakes Real Estate Market Report for March 2019

Market Notes:

We remain in a balanced market with supply and demand generally remaining equal, with a slight lean in favor of buyers.

Median sales price and Days on the market remains flat year over year.

  • median listing price of $274.9K for $130 per sq ft.
  • median closing price of $259K
  • 873 homes for sale
  • 67 homes for rent
  • 99 median days on the market

Get a free market value analysis.

Contact us today to find out what your Land O’ Lakes home will sell or rent for with our free market analysis.


“March 2019 Land O’ Lakes Real Estate Statistics” was provided by Relevé Real Estate with data released by the Greater Tampa Association of REALTORS®.

These numbers cover all of the neighborhoods in the Land O’ Lakes, FL zip codes of 34637, 34638 and 34639. All information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed

Land O' Lakes Home
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Maximizing Space in Your Land O’ Lakes Home

Methods to maximize space in your land o’ lakes home so that it will show well to prospective buyers.

Land O' Lakes Home

Tiny-house garage calls for crafty thoughts to get the arrangement right. Lofted beds and washer dryer combos can make a small room experience as accommodating as a big one. As a domestic grows, storage problems tend to plague spaces of all rooms, each big and small.

Living in a tiny residence means that you ought to find clever ways of keeping your objects handy yet out of the manner. In case you plan to make the leap into constructing a tiny residence, understand that garage may be a prime concern. For plenty, the accumulation encountered may be overwhelmingly distractive. In your land o’ lakes home, clutter and shopping for new items might not be a harmonious concept. But, we’ve splendid and unique storage hints that you can thieve to relieve your tiny residence of accumulation and create a larger space.

The solution might be extra obvious than you believe you studied

Until making a decision to take your stuff down, the whole lot you positioned up stays there: with regards to you decide on expanding your tiny residence space on decent finances, a maximum of the time, you have got the solution, however, can not see it. For your partitions, for instance, make sure to attach numerous hooks strategically and dangle all of the items in your land o’ lakes home you could. Everything from cooking elements, hats, coats, and foldable tables and chairs, handbags, headphones, and so forth.

Divide and overcome

Get a free standing cupboard to create a visible separation among your living area and the access manner. That ought to provide you the proper combination of the garage area and much less clutter. It’s excessive time you took into consideration an attractive piece of furniture that can also facilitate storage. Additionally, in your land o’ lakes home you can have loose status wall units rather than the built-ins if you are on a budget.

Get furnishings to work

Bear in mind multipurpose as properly in your area saving endeavors. Raincoats and wet rain-soaked umbrellas can stain your rugs and also damage your hardwood flooring by using warping it. Get a preventing place close to the door in which all getting into have to depart the climate in the back of. The access closet must have layered moldings, shelf panels and ought to be entire with an open pinnacle-shelf.

If there may be no entry closet, you could get a garage bench to preserve all that you want to unload. Also, it may double up as a seating area in preference to just clunky folding chairs. On your kitchen in your land o’ lakes home, restoration shelves at the wall. The shelves will deliver smooth get right of entry to dishes. In reality, so as to prevent the time of getting to arrange them in a cupboard. Make it simple but prepared.

Stair garage

If your home has stairs, you’ve got another incredible opportunity so as to get creative with unique thoughts. From shelving (in which you may create a small rack in your books), cupboards, and drawers, you may hide such a lot of objects. In fact, stairs are the maximum creative spaces in your tiny house. When you exhaust the stair space, you will analyze that customizable storage options are endless.

Conceal what you not often use

All unused space is a certain wager for storage. Under the mattress, make use of drawers on casters to hide seldom used gadgets. This area may even be used to store toys in your infant’s room as properly. To maintain dirt far away from saved linen, use garment bags. There’s also the ottoman in your land o’ lakes home that could double up as a storage area as well as a seating place or maybe a footrest. In case you want, you can additionally use it as an espresso desk.

You could additionally customise your upholstery to fit your décor or desires. Preferably, if you have a couch or other kinds of seating, remodel them into garage space. In reality, lots of garage space happens to be underneath the sofa and beneath the mattress.

Hidden washing machine

Do you have a bathing system? Possibly you are deliberating reselling it to keep space. You’re private setup definitely boils down to private feasibility and desire. Depending on the format you’re operating with a washing machine dryer aggregate absolutely may be manageable.

There are such a lot of innovative approaches to increasing a small area. Tiny homes include smart storage. With their multi-practical furniture and well-positioned shelves, they really spotlight innovative possibility. It’s clean to maximise the tiniest sliver of an area. You simply have to assume out of doors the container, steal the predisposed ideas, and move beyond what is offered. View this put up as an avenue for exploring new answers with the sparse area you’ve got available. There are many clever hints some place else as properly. With a bit of luck, those 6 residence storage tricks have stirred your creativity.

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Find Land O’ Lakes Home Buyers

Find Land O' Lakes Home Buyers

A way to win potential home buyers in Land O’ Lakes, Florida before they ever see your property in person is to know that in most studies, the longer a home sits on the market, the lower the provider could be while the vendor finally receives one.

This is why you actually need to do the entirety you can to make consumers fall in love with your property once it’s listed. You may experience that your private home will promote itself, however, that may be a highly-priced presumption if you’re wrong. If there are different houses for sale in your area, you want to be competitive. The fine element to do is to form a clear course of action and execute every step to make certain that nothing receives not noted.

Your purpose as a domestic vendor must be to win as many customers hearts as feasible to solicit the very best offers possible. This may be determined by means of your ability to get your private home equipped and your realtor’s potential to marketplace the assets. In case you and your realtor are both performing at your satisfactory, your house will maximum likely sell faster, and for the higher dollar than the other homes in your neighborhood.


Make sure your home is up to date

Properly restore your own home before listing it for sale display an extensive kind of houses each month. After years of walking through homes with shoppers, it’s clear to understand what customers need and don’t want. In Land O’ Lakes, the number one component that I see maintaining many homes from selling is the general circumstance of the home. It’s a variety of work to get a domestic ready to sell and a few people will try and cut corners. Maybe your dog chewed some of the rims of the carpet and also you don’t need to restore it, so you put a rug over it. Possibly you have got been dwelling in the residence for twenty years and don’t realize that your photograph protected partitions make it difficult to tell what color the paint is. From dingy light transfer, plate covers to properly loved floors, living in a home tends to take a toll at the circumstance. You could not note it, but a domestic consumer will.

For whatever purpose, a few sellers attempt to avoid the paintings of “restoring” a home back to its original circumstance. It can be the rate or the time had to do it well. The bottom line is this must be accomplished to promote for the top greenback. That is certainly one of your maximum vital roles in promoting your own home. If you want customers to love your home, it’s going to need to be in the better situation than the alternative houses available on the market. Otherwise, your house is actually being used to promote other listings which are in the higher situation.

Comparing the upkeep and recuperation to be completed before listing can be complicated if your private home could be very big and/otherwise you’ve been living in it for decades. That is something that your realtor can coach you via. If you may get the interior and outside of your home in awesome display condition, you’re going to win buyers hearts when they discover your private home online.

Remove personal items

Decrease your presence to attraction to home buyers it’s crucial to minimize your presence within the domestic to maximize hobby online. Consumers have a tough time imagining themselves in a home if it’s miles protected in someone else’s stuff. To do that you want to behave as even though the home is now not yours, and pretend that you are just quickly staying there to attend to it for the following purchase. That is a completely effective mindset.

Dispose of all of your private pictures from the partitions and use minimum decorative objects in the course of the house. If shoppers can not tell whether or no longer you stay there, you’ve done your task properly. A house for sale does not commonly want as an awful lot fixtures as a residence you’re residing in. Consider renting a garage unit and transferring as much stuff out as possible to make your private home seem large. Take away filled bookshelves, useless furnishings, and something that may be saved till after final. This could assist your home appearance easy and prepared for a brand new proprietor.

This step is more difficult for some humans than others. If you are a minimalist through nature, then your house goes to be simpler to get ready. If you are a borderline hoarder (funny story) and you’ve got stuff everywhere, I would recommend enlisting the help of some buddies to get your own home ready. They’ll help you store time through objectively deciding what gets packed up and what remains. If you may get all your private property off of the bookshelves, partitions, and uncovered regions, it’ll dramatically help consumers emotionally connect to your own home and fall in love with it even earlier than seeing it in person.

There’s no higher way to recognize how properly your home goes to do than to study the local market. Pretend that you are a buyer looking for a home in the fee range, size, and region of your property. Then go online and try and find three to five homes that you think are the high-quality houses available. Cross view them in character along with your realtor if you may. This may provide you with a fantastic concept of what your competition is like and assist you in determining the excellent price and condition that your house should be in to correctly compete.

Note how plenty of a difference every $10,000 increment makes inside the facilities of your competition. The higher in charge you go, the tougher your property will be to sell. Examine your opposition and determine what fee range would be aggressive and honest. Also, a word if your opposition is providing commonplace enhancements or facilities that your private home does now not, then regulate by using including the ones facilities/improvements or dropping the charge to higher compete. That is one of the most vital steps to marketing your private home to get buyers to adore it. Pricing it efficiently within the beginning is important.

The toughest a part of comparing your opposition is being honest with your situation. Are you objective enough to determine whether or not your property is higher or worse than your competition? Probabilities are more likely which you aren’t, which makes it smart to invite your real property agent (or an objective 3rd birthday celebration) to help you be honest with your state of affairs. It’s clean to lean closer to something will help justify promoting for the very best rate. Pricing a home too excessive is the most commonplace mistake homes dealers make. Too frequently sellers will lease a listing agent simply due to the fact they assure the sellers they could get an unrealistic amount for their domestic. Be honest and goal when analyzing your opposition. You’ll turn out to be causing consumers to fall in love with your listing as it outshines the opposition to your right fee variety!

Focus on what makes your property unique

While you study your opposition and pretend to be a customer looking for your private home’s rate variety, what features does your private home have that other do no longer? Those are very critical to point out due to the fact they make your house special. Regularly, those features may not be substantive in the images, or may additionally wander away inside the assets description. Nowadays, it takes extra than a smart belongings description and average pictures to promote a home. I quite advocate using video advertising to promote your home. With video, you can make sure to display everything that you want to be conveyed to your own home. Right here’s an instance:
Observe how this three-minute video gives you much more information about the community, fire, location, and outdoors of the home which you could never get from the property description textual content. This is a powerful manner to promote your own home and make customers fall in love earlier than they ever see it.

As soon as you have “restored” your private home to show condition and feature studied the marketplace to decide a sturdy income rate & improvements, you’ll need to rent a realtor who is a pro with advertising. The worst thing you may do is hire a sub-par realtor who is a pal or relative out of responsibility and feature them break your hard paintings with awful photos and antique faculty marketing.

Spend a while studying and discover a realtor who markets with video properly. It may be the #1 thing to help your private home promote for top dollar inside the least quantity of time. The manner your house is provided online will make or damage your whole domestic sale. I see new listings each week of stunning houses that have terrible pix, no motion pictures, antique faculty digital excursions, and slightly any advertising efforts. Something you do does no longer permit this happen to you!

Marketing and Advertising

In case you are promoting your own home, it’s notably probable that you may be buying any other one. Spend some time looking at homes online and notice what receives your interest. Observe how homes with terrible marketing are more difficult to discern out and emotionally connect to. Then word how you discover yourself emotionally attaching to homes with stunning images and awesome advertising. Also, notice how few homes are the use of video to market their listings. That’s the gain you have in case you and your agent select to apply it.

Less time caught available on the market, and better-priced offers from buyers. With benefits like the ones, how will you find the money for now not to take these easy steps? Find a tremendous neighborhood realtor who can help you accomplish your goals and make the process simpler. A very good realtor could make all of the difference!

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If Land O’ Lakes Mortgage Rates Went Up


Land O' Lakes Mortgage Rates

Land O’ Lakes Mortgage Rates

If mortgage rates went up, the dollar would be worth more.  The money would be more expensive to borrow, therefore, more scarce and valuable.  You would have more purchasing power with the money you already have and earn a higher return on savings.  Banks would have more money to lend because they could entice customers with high CD, IRA and savings rates.  The higher rates would curb inflation, causing the price of everything to go down, including real estate.

Higher mortgage rates will further depreciate America’s housing market. If you are selling a home for$100k and the average mortgage rate is 5%, the buyer’s payment on a 30 year fixed mortgage is $536 per month.  If the mortgage rate went up to 8%, how much of an offer could the buyer make and still keep their monthly payment at $536?

Answer: $73k.  Buyers in the market for your property can now only offer 73% of the price when rates were 3% lower.  Your home just depreciated 27%.

Are we at the bottom?  Not even close.

On April 1st Federal Reserve is not continuing its investment, which means that mortgage rates are about to increase.  Experts believe home prices will drop 5 to 10 percent.  –

Rates have been kept artificially low for the past 9 years, creating a boom and then propping up a bust.

Perhaps rates should really be at 15-20% to make up for all the money that has been printed and spent.

Either rates will stay low and the whole thing will go into a death spiral or at some point market forces will push rates up.  When that happens, expect your home to be worth less, and maybe the market bottom will be in sight.

For professional property management in Land O’ Lakes and Lutz, FL, contact Relevé Real Estate and Property Management

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Rental Marketing Land O’ Lakes

Rental Marketing Land O' Lakes

Rental Marketing Land O’ Lakes

Vacancies will kill your cash flow. Having your property vacant just one month can wipe out all of your profits from the year.  It is better to secure a tenant for $50 less than what you are asking than to have your property sit vacant for a month.  Being real estate investors ourselves, we adopted the philosophy of ‘keep it rented.’

So when we have a property coming available, we do everything we can think of to get it rented fast.

Our biggest successes have come from marketing our properties online.  This not only gives us a lot of great targeted leads, it doesn’t cost our owners a dime.

The video is becoming more popular on the web.  Videos are also being factored into rankings on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

If you list a video with the area + for rent in the title, then your video link will show up in property searches for that area.

The actual ad looks a lot better and gives the prospective tenant a better experience in shopping for a home to rent.

The advertising costs to our owners are still zero, but we now create great looking video advertisements for their properties.  They are posted on the Relevé Property Management channel of YouTube.

Going forward, videos will become more and more important in finding and securing good tenants.  Sun Rock will continue to utilize technology to make your property stand out from the rest and eliminate vacancy.

In Pasco and Hillsborough counties, Florida, We Manage Your Investment.

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Finding a Tenant in Land O’ Lakes

Finding a Tenant in Land O' Lakes

Finding a Tenant in Land O’ Lakes

Properties do not necessarily have to be listed on the MLS.  The MLS would be more for prospective tenants that are looking for a rental with a real estate agent.  Generally, the commissions are not that good for tenant location, so most real estate agents do not pursue these leads.  Usually, it is for a friend or referral.  Overall, the MLS is geared more towards sales and for listing your rental property and finding a tenant in Land O’ Lakes, Florida, it is best to have the advertisement show up on many different websites.The MLS used to be the only thing out there to buy and sell properties.  But now with so many resources online, it is irrelevant.

Most of the sites are free, and there are sites that circulate the ads to multiple sites.  Most of our leads come from Zillow, Craigslist, and the company website.  Zillow is still the current king of finding tenants online.  Everyone uses it.  We post our properties to over 50 different rental listing websites. We get a couple of leads from HotPads and then some from local rental pages.

If your property manager tells you their advertising strategy is to list the property on the MLS, this is probably not the fastest and most effective way to find a tenant in land o’ lakes, Florida.

For expert property management in Lutz, Land O’ Lakes and Tampa, Florida, contact Relevé Real Estate and Property Management

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February 2016 Land O’ Lakes Real Estate Statistics

The Land O’ Lakes Real Estate Market Report for February 2016

Land O' Lakes real estate

According to the new data released by the Greater Tampa Association of REALTORS®, the Land O’ Lakes, Florida Real Estate Market is showing signs that 2016 is going to be even more aggressive than 2015.


Market Notes:

This is the first time in several months that we have seen more homes come on the market than sold. Hopefully, this is an indicator of a much-needed boost to our housing inventory.

Let’s take a look at the February 2016 real estate market numbers for Land O’ Lakes:


February 2016 Land O’ Lakes Real Estate Statistics

Status: Active (118)
    Beds Baths SqFt Heated List Price LP/SqFt Close Price ADOM CDOM
Min 1 1 750 $24,900 $24.13 1 1
Max 6 5 4,520 $599,900 $159.17 30 720
Avg 4 3 2,235 $245,029 $109.20 12 27
Median 4 3 2,103 $235,000 $112.77 9 10
Status: Active with Contract (53)
    Beds Baths SqFt Heated List Price LP/SqFt Close Price ADOM CDOM
Min 2 1 916 $51,200 $35.43 4 4
Max 6 4 4,680 $544,900 $195.37 178 328
Avg 4 3 2,210 $233,094 $105.62 51 57
Median 3 3 1,976 $219,900 $109.35 37 37
Status: Pending (111)
    Beds Baths SqFt Heated List Price LP/SqFt Close Price ADOM CDOM
Min 2 1   $10,900 $24.04   1
Max 7 5 4,054 $490,000 $208.51 373 377
Avg 4 3 2,117 $225,360 $106.93 65 73
Median 3 3 2,058 $215,995 $106.68 39 45
Status: Sold (97)
    Beds Baths SqFt Heated List Price LP/SqFt Close Price ADOM CDOM
Min 1 1 750 $33,000 $31.98 $27,000    
Max 7 5 5,055 $839,000 $210.78 $790,000 463 508
Avg 4 3 2,195 $242,629 $109.70 $234,759 65 83
Median 4 2 2,045 $219,000 $108.99 $214,000 47 51


The Land O’ Lakes Real Estate Market is Strong

February is usually one of the slower months for real estate sales in Land O’ Lakes as buyers and investors prepare for the spring season, but it was still 25% busier than this time last year. We are finally starting to see an increase in new listings by 34% over last year. This is very good news for homebuyers who have been struggling to find the right house because there have been so few homes on the market. Our hope is that this is an indicator of a more balanced market as we move into 2016.

These numbers cover all of the neighborhoods in the Land O’ Lakes, FL zip codes of 34637, 34638 and 34639.

All information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed

home improvements
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Home Improvements Worth the Cost

Whether you are patching up your own particular home or taking a shot at a speculation property, remodeling can be exceptionally costly.

Weigh up your home overhaul choices 
There are relatively few homeowners with an interminable spending plan to overhaul all that they need to in their home.
A decent beginning stage is to take a seat and assess the property all in all and after that settle on which parts are most noteworthy and the parts most needing overhauling. At that point consider where you should spend the dominant part of your financial plan.
In the dominant part of redesigns, the lavatory and kitchen offer the best venture, yet they are not generally the regions that require the most work. Breakdown your kitchen and restroom to see what you can keep and rescue from the materials that you as of now have and see what needs redesigning.
Check out whatever remains of your home to recognize different zones that would inspire potential purchasers in the wake of being redesigned.
Initial introductions are crucial in real estate, so consider spending some of your financial plan on the yard and front anteroom.

Sprinkling out and ruling in spending 
Take a gander at each room in your house and recognize the emerge highlights that will get the consideration of potential purchasers. This will help you know where you ought to plash out and where you ought to spare.
On the off chance that you are remodeling the kitchen, you could sprinkle out on costly marble ledges, yet you could spare by being particular and just utilizing marble for some of your ledges. In the event that you are sprinkling out on costly ledges then a stainless steel island can impressively spare your financial plan.
In the restroom, you don’t need to use up every last cent on the most costly tiles available for the entirety of your washroom. A nonpartisan tile for the dividers of the shower and the floor can spare you a group, and still give extraordinary results.
You can give your lavatory some style by including a portion of the costly tile that encompasses the shower divider and outskirts the floor. This will give your restroom an extraordinary look and cost a small amount of the financial plan.
Consider your ground surface
Hardwood ground surface is mainstream with everyone, except upscale wood deck can make a substantial scratch in your financial plan.
Overlay flooring has enhanced definitely throughout the years and can the most practical approach to getting a polished hardwood flooring look that doesn’t burn up all available resources.
In the event that you do choose to run with real hardwood flooring, which heaps of individuals still do, then you can make a rich look by being specific where you choose to utilize it. Do you really need to supplant the floors in the majority of the rooms?
Your kitchen and lavatory ought to be tiled to stay away from water harm, so shouldn’t something be said about the rooms? You can spare by utilizing rug rather than costly hardwood flooring.
Keep things in the yard pleasant and basic
Be exhorted that is not a smart thought to go insane finishing in the greenhouse, especially on the off chance that you are attempting to offer the property. Think of some of the low upkeep alternatives as opposed to putting resources into costly plants and blooms that should be taken care of and looked after consistently.
Rather than spending hugely on a costly cleared walkway and blowing your financial plan, consider an engaging rock way that encompasses your home. It will give a pleasant reliable look without the expansive expense of a cleared walkway.
The best guidance with regards to arranging and the open air components of your property is to keep things straightforward. A decent unbiased look is engaging potential purchasers and gives them the space to view themselves living in the property before they even stroll through the entryway.

Try not to burn up all available resources on the patio nursery, yet guarantee that everything is flawless and clean, spare your financial plan for the imperative inside that purchasers will see when they enter the property.
The best suggestion with regards to remodeling that stays inside a financial plan is to be particular and know where your cash is best spent. Choose the territories that require something uncommon and a bigger lump of your financial plan. At that point save money on the regions that won’t definitely influence the worth or bid of your property, and not influence your satisfaction in the everyday living in your home.

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