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March 2019 Lutz Real Estate Statistics

The Lutz Real Estate Market Report for March 2019

Market Notes:

We remain in a balanced market with supply and demand generally remaining equal, with a slight lean in favor of sellers.

Median list price is down 4.8% year-over-year

Days on the market remains flat year-over-year.

  • median listing price of $299.9K for $146 per sq ft.
  • median closing price of $260K
  • 740 homes for sale
  • 76 homes for rent
  • 100 median days on the market

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“March 2019 Lutz Real Estate Statistics” was provided by Relevé Real Estate with data released by the Greater Tampa Association of REALTORS®.

These numbers cover all of the neighborhoods in the Lutz, FL zip codes of 33548, 33549, 33558 and 33559. All information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.

Retro Home Design
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Retro Home Design

Retro Home Design

Retro home stylistic layout is making a rebound, and it’s doing it with style the same number of homeowners are currently swinging to the more established days to give another look to their house. When you consider the retro improvement, what’s the principal thing that enters your thoughts? Is it the kitchen dividers of avocado shading? On the other hand is it the exemplary shag rugs before the chimney? Indeed, whatever your concept of retro might be, realize that vintage pieces do not just get genuinely necessary refreshment your home additionally don’t cost you a fortune.

So how would you include odds and ends of retro without totally changing the topic of your home? Continue understanding this manual for discovering.

5 simple tips to inject a look of retro in your home

1. Use immersed hues

The home stylistic theme in the 60’s and 70’s set a considerable measure of the spotlight on shading, which loaned verging on each house its very own unmistakable look. You don’t have to re-try your whole home, you should simply utilize punchy tones in specific ranges of your house to give it an exemplary look from the former period. While striking hues that go marginally over the top may convey a look of retro to a room, recall that the same shading won’t suit all around.

When in doubt of thumb, use pale hues in a little room and darker hues in rooms that are bigger in size. In the event that your room is little, paint the dividers with a lighter shading and supplement the look by tossing in more immersed frill.

2. Use vintage furniture and embellishments

The best part about going retro is maybe the way that you don’t have to coordinate everything to the last conceivable subtle element. To bring a sentiment sentimentality all you may need to do is present a retro style table, couple of exemplary seats, or a 70’s enlivened couch set. As more individuals are trying different things with retro visuals, numerous organizations have committed themselves to offering particular administrations to reconsidering and reproducing all things retro.

Grill like a revolving telephone, astral light, a stacked record of collections set in a corner, or a couple of retro publications can essentially support the general advance without blazing a gap in your pocket. In the event that you can figure out how to discover old retro blurbs of your most loved band or movies, simply casing and hang them on the divider to make a remarkable centerpiece.

3. Make the best utilization of lighting

Like furniture, lighting tremendously affects how your room looks and feels. To completely catch the embodiment of a former time, you may utilize modern pendants of vintage style to saturate a provincial kitchen – like feel or get a couple of roundabout mod light fixtures for a brisk retro fix. On the off chance that you are yet not prepared to put resources into getting changeless apparatuses, experiment with Edison lights that arrive in a wide scope of shapes and sizes. Try not to overlook the part of lighting on the off chance that you need to finish the retro look of your house.

4. Change up the beadboard and framing

Experiment with a few outlines of the Victorian period with beadboard or framing that ought to be promptly accessible in any of your neighborhood handyman shops. This can be a fabulous approach to emphasize the retro look of any home as it includes the required character and surface to ponder completely the more established days. Focus on ignored spaces like pantries, corridors, gateways, and other little regions to add a quick start to the visual style.

5. Benefit as much as possible from the insect market things

There’s constantly one thing in each home that characterizes its character. When you’re going for a retro look, an ideal way you can locate a stand-out piece without smoldering through the dollars is by checking the bug market or a rumored online closeout webpage. You can acquire an antique steamer trunk and use as a foot stool or utilize old fabric steps to hang clothes or for stacking pruned plants. Whatever you do, be set up to see a look of shock on the characteristics of your visitors.

Bringing a look of retro into your home is simple on the off chance that you know how to change a couple of things here and there and will invest some energy inquiring about and testing. We trust these tips help you get the retro home you had always wanted.

Lutz Market Statistics
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April 2016 Lutz Real Estate Statistics

The Lutz Real Estate Market Report for April 2016

According to the new data released by the Greater Tampa Association of REALTORS®, the Lutz, Florida Real Estate Market is showing signs that 2016 is progessing nicely.


Market Notes:

This is the first time in several months that we have seen more homes come on the market than sold. Hopefully, this is an indicator of a much-needed boost to our housing inventory.

Let’s take a look at the April 2016 real estate market numbers for Lutz:


April 2016 Lutz Real Estate Statistics

Status: Active (90)
Beds Baths SqFt Heated List Price LP/SqFt Close Price ADOM
Min 1 1 792 $73,888 $67.05 1
Max 6 5 6,115 ###### $418.56 30
Avg 4 3 2,411 $361,966 $144.73 12
Median 4 3 2,273 $306,950 $134.21 10
Status: Active with Contract (50)
Beds Baths SqFt Heated List Price LP/SqFt Close Price ADOM
Min 2 2 1,102 $75,000 $67.57 9
Max 5 5 4,731 $944,000 $205.01 252
Avg 4 3 2,496 $337,437 $131.11 71
Median 3 2 2,255 $281,975 $127.40 49
Status: Pending (76)
Beds Baths SqFt Heated List Price LP/SqFt Close Price ADOM
Min 1 1 792 $64,900 $37.82
Max 6 7 7,394 ###### $333.67 367
Avg 4 3 2,299 $314,565 $129.73 48
Median 4 3 2,035 $252,250 $130.11 18
Status: Sold (85)
Beds Baths SqFt Heated List Price LP/SqFt Close Price ADOM
Min 1 392 $49,900 $50.94 $49,900
Max 6 6 5,761 ###### $261.83 ###### 311
Avg 4 3 2,211 $291,434 $125.54 $282,555 55
Median 4 2 2,044 $265,000 $129.13 $254,000 22
Status: All (301)
Beds Baths SqFt Heated List Price LP/SqFt Close Price ADOM
Min 1 392 $49,900 $37.82 $49,900
Max 6 7 7,394 ###### $418.56 ###### 367
Avg 4 3 2,340 $326,006 $133.26 $282,555 43
Median 4 3 2,158 $279,900 $130.13 $254,000 19


The Lutz Real Estate Market is Strong

April is usually a competitive month for real estate sales in Lutz, and it remained busy by 25% more than this time last year. We are finally starting to see an increase in new listings by 34% over last year. This is very good news for homebuyers who have been struggling to find the right house because there have been so few homes on the market. Our hope is that this is an indicator of a more balanced market as we move into 2016.

These numbers cover all of the neighborhoods in the Lutz, FL zip codes of 33559, 33549, 33558 and 33548.  All information deemed reliable but not guaranteed.

Get an Advantage

How can both buyers and sellers have an advantage in the Lutz, Florida real estate market?  Employ the services of a local Lutz real estate agent who has vast knowledge and experience of the market. Contact us for Lutz Property Management.

Find Lutz Homes for Sale

For a complete list of available real estate in Lutz, visit Lutz Homes for Sale. Make sure to subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss out on any Lutz homes.

Find out what your Lutz home is worth with a home value analysis and contact us to discuss your housing needs.


The above information regarding the April 2016 Lutz Real Estate Statistics was provided by Relevé Real Estate. We have over 20 years of experience helping people buy, sell, lease and manage properties in the Lutz area. If you’re thinking of selling or buying, we’d love to share our knowledge and expertise.

It's All About the Listing Price
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Stress Free Home Buying in Lutz, Florida

Home Buying in Lutz

Five steps to ease domestic shopping for Home Buying in Lutz.

Buying a home is an emotional enjoy – it can be exhilarating, thrilling and even traumatic. While the time involves signaling the paperwork, don’t be surprised in case you feel butterflies in your stomach, or even nauseous. You’re probably making the most important financial choice of your lifetime; so it’s miles flawlessly ordinary to sense demanding about Home Buying in Lutz.

No matter your herbal anxiety, do no longer permit uncertainty approximately the home shopping for and mortgage technique maintain you on the sidelines. The guidelines that have been surely explained beneath will help you experience greater organized for Home Buying in Lutz.

In keeping with a latest survey, maximum clients have the wrong ideas approximately what it takes for someone to qualify for a mortgage. The general public considers that the necessities are more strict than they definitely are, after they have been requested about the vital loan qualification criteria (like debt to profits ratio, down price percentage and credit score), about 50 percent of the responses had been wrong or “do no longer recognize”.

Which means that there are numerous eligible home shoppers sitting on the sidelines due to misconceptions approximately the mortgage method or anxiety approximately being became down for a loan. To be certain you are ready to purchase a residence, and ease any tension you may have about the whole technique, underneath are 5 hints to help you to ease your property buying anxiety.

Recognise what questions to ask

Whether that is your first domestic purchase ever, or first home buy in several years, the method modifications unexpectedly. Settlement bureaucracy, negotiating procedures, and market dynamics all factor into helping you get Home Buying in Lutz from wherein you’re nowadays (thinking about buying a home) to in which you ultimately want to be (without problems settled on your new domestic). Ask yourself those questions:

Does wherein need to live for at the least the subsequent 3 to five years?
What form of a home will match my needs today and for the foreseeable future?
Do I have the resources to buy, preserve and improve a home?
Who do I recognise that can direct me to experts I will believe?
Find out about mortgage alternatives

Within the current years, mortgages have modified lots as traders and creditors make modifications reflective of the yank families. For example, several adults in the family are probably running and making their contributions to the household budget.

A number of the mortgages allow creditors to bear in mind the earnings that is generated from the opposite family contributors while qualifying a borrower. Further to that, some domestic customers might qualify for 0 down options, along with VA loans (guaranteed with the aid of America department of veterans affairs) for carrier contributors, veterans and the surviving spouses, and us a branch of agriculture loans for low to center earnings borrowers in qualifying rural regions. Also available to domestic buyers is the FHA loan product for Home Buying in Lutz, where you can purchase a home with as little as 3.Five% down, and that 3.Five% may be a gift from a member of the family. Consistent with the census bureau’s American housing survey, use of those kinds of loans is on the growth, especially amongst first time buyers.

Speak to a loan expert you may trust

Don’t recognize your credit score score or how you could keep? Don’t recognise a loan lender for my part? No trouble. Don’t just search around for mortgages online. I will connect you with numerous superb loan professionals who can answer all your questions.3

Don’t forget long time risks & rewards of Home Buying in Lutz

As any domestic client is aware of, there are prices you can expect, for example; your homeowners affiliation fees or month-to-month loan. There could also be sudden charges down the road, such as buying a new roof for your own home. Homeowners have to set aside three % to five % of the value of their home every year to apply for upgrades and repairs. You will want to tuck the money away so you do now not grow to be careworn when something is going wrong due to the fact things can, and will, go wrong. A nice wonder, generally, is how a lot your house will appreciate in cost over your years of possession. Traditionally, the actual estate has constantly been a secure and comfy long-time period investment.

Discover a realtor you could believe

In the long run, whilst you’ll be the only scouring the vicinity for houses to view, your realtor might be the one to manual you each step of the manner. The process starts with having your loan approval in an area. You’ll need to be in a function to negotiate with strength and self-assurance once you discover the best house for you. Count on your realtor to offer you with market records, possible challenges this domestic would possibly present for resale and introductions to experts you’ll need in the course of the Home Buying in Lutz – inspectors, contractors, etc. If you are purchasing a home within the Dallas/citadel really worth area, don’t forget to interview me as a useful resource.

sell quickly
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Sell Your Lutz Home Quickly

In order to sell your Lutz, Florida home quickly, you will need to employ some of the basic real estate principles.  You will need to move quickly and efficiently to accelerate the process of closing the sale.  Here are a few things to work on to get your home from listed to sold as fast as possible.

Time the Market

Working with a realtor to do some fundamental research can help you decide if the time is right to move on listing your home for sale.  You would want to know if it is a seller’s market or a buyer’s market as this will have a big impact on your prospects and competition.

This will basically tell you, is now the right time to list your home for sale?  What would be the right price to list it?  What should I expect when my home is listed?  Will there be a lot of interest and traffic?

Listing for the right Value

Work with your realtor to do the proper research to find out exactly what homes are selling for in your target market.  Overpricing your home will not help in your efforts to sell your Lutz, Florida home quickly.  Ideally, you would want to list your home competitively and then highlight the benefits and best-selling features of your home.

Revamp for Showings

Clean your home, work on your curb appeal, and declutter to make your home show as best it can.  Buyers tend to go off of first impressions and your home needs to show well.  The better it shows, hopefully the less time it will be on the market and then you will not have to show it as many times.

Do any repairs that were needing to be done and also look for small improvements that will have the highest return on investment such as adding new mulch or adding a backsplash.

Finding an Agent to List your Lutz Home

Find an experienced realtor that has kept up with the times.  Most of real estate is no longer face to face with name badges and yard signs.  Buyers will do 90% of their screening online before ever looking at a home in person.  Make sure your realtor does the latest online marketing.

Choose a local agent that knows your local market and does not have to go through a lot of corporate red tape.  This can help to expedite the sale once you actually do get an offer.

Use these tips to sell your Lutz, Florida home quickly.


10 Must Know Staging Tips To Get Your Home Sold Quickly
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Lutz Home Flipping

Lutz Home Flipping

Flipping Homes in Lutz Florida

So that you need to try your hand making money flipping homes in Lutz, Florida? It is simple to look why it’s tempting.

In line with the tampa news, buyers earned the best gross profit per flip inside the Tampa bay in 2015. Flippers in these markets averaged $one hundred forty-five,000 in gross profit consistent with a turn, which crowned the list of the one hundred ten metro markets in the observe.

Beginner Lutz Home Flippers beware and get knowledgeable. The actual property records company that surveyed the numbers noted that at the same time as the common gross income in step with flip is full-size, the bay region’s notoriously excessive housing prices and record low inventory makes it “tough to do Lutz Home Flipping in the ones markets.”

While there are no difficult and fast rules when it comes to flipping, here are some steps to observe in case you need to get into the business.

Step #1 research

Tremendous studies are essential in your fulfillment flipping houses. Do your homework to avoid common pitfalls. There are various books, seminars, and forums to be had in order to educate yourself on the system, growing a plan and a realistic price range. You will discover unfastened pointers, flipping calculators, deal evaluation boards and hundreds of traders and experts inclined to offer advice.

Step #2 set up financing

There is a selection of alternatives to finance your Lutz Home Flipping. You could achieve conventional financing from a bank. If you personal assets, you can take out a domestic fairness loan. You could additionally achieve financing from a difficult money lender. Financing your flip does have risks. If the home is not within the pleasant form, you may now not be able to get a traditional mortgage. You could now not be relaxed risking your personal belongings to finance the flip with a fairness line. Excessive hobby quotes and costs on tough cash loans through private individuals or corporations specializing in high-threat loans may eat into your income. For these reasons, another famous option is to partner with real estate investors, pals or circle of relatives to lend you the money for the turn in exchange for a share of the profit.

Step #three collect your repair and turn group

Solving and flipping aren’t always some thing you may be triumphant at on my own. You’ll want to construct an able flip team to ensure your achievement. Participants of your team ought to consist of the subsequent:


Shopping for inside the bay vicinity wherein there are such a lot of competitors exposes you to the danger of overpaying. This can eat into your ability income. Here’s in which forming an amazing relationship with an informed agent will assist easy the technique. A skilled realtor will inform you which areas are selling the quickest, and which neighborhoods gets you top dollar on your preservation. They’ll also realize which home features, property size, and layouts are promoting the quickest within the regions you goal in your flip. Most significantly, a terrific agent will provide the facts to help you examine Lutz Home Flipping, will skillfully navigate the offer to shut-of-escrow process and assist you to sell the belongings when the renovations are complete.


Another crucial member of the turn screw is the contractor. After you find an ability assets, you may need to have a contractor reachable which can help you realize what structural modifications or renovations are essential in your flip. His or her estimation talents are essential in order to get an accurate dimension of the charges associated with the turn. You may want to get an as detailed and whole bid as feasible with complete breakdown off all paintings concerned. In case, your contractor is not a pro you could be exposed to huge monetary losses.


Closely reviewing the financial information associated with the flip together with your accountant is likewise crucial. They could offer advice on the tax outcomes of house flipping so you aren’t sharing an extensive proportion of your earnings with an unintentional companion: the IRS.

Legal professional

Consulting with a certified real estate lawyer when you are getting commenced flipping actual property is also an amazing concept. In case you are seeking to comprise, draw up investor partnership agreements and for other actual estate advice, you will be glad you hired a lawyer to defend your interests.

Step #4 manage the system

Every month you personal your flip assets, it charges you cash. It is important that the rehab process is controlled successfully. That is in particular proper inside the bay region where the expenses of sporting a domestic are excessive. That is where hiring that able contractor in step three will pay off. They can control the daily onsite info. If that is passed your budget, you or an employed mission manager will want to ensure that the contractors do what is meant to be accomplished at some stage in the manner.

You may additionally want to manipulate the financials at some point of this time. It is going to be essential to buy substances, pay the payments and maintain song of all prices as they upload up. Understand that things usually take longer than at first concept. It’s far important to live on finances and to have a contingency fund for sudden surprises.

Step #five promote the home

After all the tough paintings are performed it is time to promote the house. Your real property agent will have a look at comparable community residences and assist you in developing with the perfect listing rate. They could manage staging, the advertising approach, managing showings and open homes. They’ll control the offers, negotiate a suitable fee and oversee the escrow procedure. Upon the near of the sale, you may acquire the proceeds from the named agency and after paying off any loans and relying on the enjoy can use it on your subsequent Lutz Home Flip.

Looking for actual estate funding recommendation or considering selling your own home? We are able to assist. We love to share my knowledge, knowledge and supplier referrals. I assist human beings to buy and sell actual property within the following regions: Lutz Home Flipping

Lutz New Home Purchases
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Lutz New Home Purchases Surge

Lutz New Home Purchases

Lutz New Home Purchases are increasing at a fast rate

New home purchases surge again with the reason possibly due to low-interest rates on mortgage loans and mild weather throughout the entire US.  The past winter has been one of the mildest on record with many areas receiving record high temperatures throughout the winter.  This has spurred people to get a jump on the spring market in the Tampa Bay area.  New home purchases surged 24% in February, kicking off the spring buying season, the February Mortgage Bankers Association Builder Application Survey revealed in their latest report.

Interestingly enough, a recent statistic says that the good times might not last forever.  The homeowner expectations and appraisal values become divided as the gap widens. This means that many homeowners are starting to believe their home is worth more than it actually is.  This can lead to many homes sitting on the market longer than they should and can possibly cause the seller to miss out on an opportune selling market.  Then they are eventually forced to sell it for a lower price in a lower market.  Pricing the home correctly with realistic expectations may be the single most important step in listing your home for sale.

The distance among appraisal and proprietor estimates widened for the first time in six months, quicken loans said in its contemporary month-to-month home price belief index and domestic value index for February. That is making it difficult to preserve up in present day rapid-paced housing marketplace

But, the upward thrust is still small, and the hope remains to a healthy degree. So for now, house owners maintain to list in a dealers market and the lutz new home costs are surging.

Whilst it is usually disappointing for owners to analyze they don’t have pretty the house fairness they predicted, the national hope continues to be within an ordinary variety. In an ever-converting real property market, domestic values differ and these modifications are most quick realized with the aid of appraisers who’re comparing nearby income every single day.



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Land O’ Lakes Foreclosures


Land O’ Lakes Foreclosures

Land O' Lakes ForeclosuresWhen you have record numbers of foreclosures like the United States has had over the last few years, you get record numbers of renters.

The most amount of people in history have been losing their homes to foreclosure when this happens the person:

A. Doesn’t have a place to live

B. Has bad credit

C. Can’t qualify for another mortgage

So where do these people go?  Some may have to move in with family, but the majority will be looking for a place to rent.

This means that there are currently a record number of people that are interested in renting a property.  This is good news for our property management company since it makes finding tenants very easy.

In some recent cases, we have had people bidding up properties over the advertised rental price.  Once properties are rented, we continue to get tons of phone calls and emails from people trying to find a place or see if we have anything similar.

Owners who can capitalize on this opportunity can increase their cashflow and limit vacancies on their properties.

For expert property management in Land O’ Lakes, Florida, contact Relevé Real Estate and Property Management.

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If Land O’ Lakes Mortgage Rates Went Up


Land O' Lakes Mortgage Rates

Land O’ Lakes Mortgage Rates

If mortgage rates went up, the dollar would be worth more.  The money would be more expensive to borrow, therefore, more scarce and valuable.  You would have more purchasing power with the money you already have and earn a higher return on savings.  Banks would have more money to lend because they could entice customers with high CD, IRA and savings rates.  The higher rates would curb inflation, causing the price of everything to go down, including real estate.

Higher mortgage rates will further depreciate America’s housing market. If you are selling a home for$100k and the average mortgage rate is 5%, the buyer’s payment on a 30 year fixed mortgage is $536 per month.  If the mortgage rate went up to 8%, how much of an offer could the buyer make and still keep their monthly payment at $536?

Answer: $73k.  Buyers in the market for your property can now only offer 73% of the price when rates were 3% lower.  Your home just depreciated 27%.

Are we at the bottom?  Not even close.

On April 1st Federal Reserve is not continuing its investment, which means that mortgage rates are about to increase.  Experts believe home prices will drop 5 to 10 percent.  –

Rates have been kept artificially low for the past 9 years, creating a boom and then propping up a bust.

Perhaps rates should really be at 15-20% to make up for all the money that has been printed and spent.

Either rates will stay low and the whole thing will go into a death spiral or at some point market forces will push rates up.  When that happens, expect your home to be worth less, and maybe the market bottom will be in sight.

For professional property management in Land O’ Lakes and Lutz, FL, contact Relevé Real Estate and Property Management

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Finding a Tenant in Land O’ Lakes

Finding a Tenant in Land O' Lakes

Finding a Tenant in Land O’ Lakes

Properties do not necessarily have to be listed on the MLS.  The MLS would be more for prospective tenants that are looking for a rental with a real estate agent.  Generally, the commissions are not that good for tenant location, so most real estate agents do not pursue these leads.  Usually, it is for a friend or referral.  Overall, the MLS is geared more towards sales and for listing your rental property and finding a tenant in Land O’ Lakes, Florida, it is best to have the advertisement show up on many different websites.The MLS used to be the only thing out there to buy and sell properties.  But now with so many resources online, it is irrelevant.

Most of the sites are free, and there are sites that circulate the ads to multiple sites.  Most of our leads come from Zillow, Craigslist, and the company website.  Zillow is still the current king of finding tenants online.  Everyone uses it.  We post our properties to over 50 different rental listing websites. We get a couple of leads from HotPads and then some from local rental pages.

If your property manager tells you their advertising strategy is to list the property on the MLS, this is probably not the fastest and most effective way to find a tenant in land o’ lakes, Florida.

For expert property management in Lutz, Land O’ Lakes and Tampa, Florida, contact Relevé Real Estate and Property Management