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How To Hire a Realtor To Sell Your Tampa Bay Home

Selling your home can be one of the biggest transactions of your life.  It is important to do some research and find out the best way for you to successfully sell your Tampa Bay home. There are many things to consider, but one of the most important things is who you will partner with to accomplish your goal.

You have the choice of going through a traditional real estate brokerage, selling the home For Sale By Owner (FSBO), or selling it to an iBuyer like Zillow or Offerpad (See this article about pitfalls of using an iBuyer).

Should you hire a Realtor to sell your house?

Things have changed.  Before the internet, realtors had insider information on home values and finding buyers.  Nowadays, sellers are more educated and have more knowledge about real estate than ever before.  It is not hard to figure out what your home value is, and making an advertisement online is usually free and easy and gets leads.

So it is now easier than ever to sell your house by yourself, but as with any DIY project, you have to weigh the cost vs the benefits.

Realtor Costs

The listing agent will usually list your home for a 6% commission on the purchase price.  This commission is split if there is a buyers agent involved in the transaction.  On a $300,000 house, 6% is $18,000. Now that you know the costs, weigh the benefits to see if Realtors are worth the money.

Realtor Benefits

These are questions to ask yourself.

  • Will it be worth your time to learn all about real estate and then do 100% of the work to sell your Tampa Bay home?
  • Is it safe to assume that you will have the expertise developed in a time when there is something that goes wrong (always happens) or match wits with experienced negotiators?
  • Would you want to have someone representing you, photographing, advertising, marketing, and showing your house?
  • Can you work up the correct contract and find the right title company, appraisers, and inspectors?  Is it worth your time to find all of these people?
  • Can you deal with this plus also your normal responsibilities and probably also looking for a new house for yourself and moving?

The value of a good realtor is expertise and systems to make the process as smooth and convenient for you as possible, while also getting the maximum value.

When you are deciding if you should hire a realtor to sell your house, think through this cost-benefit analysis deeply.  Then determine if it is better to sell by owner or with a realtor.

The difference between a real estate agent and a realtor is minimal.  Not all agents are Realtors, with being a Realtor means they belong to the National Association of Realtors.

How to Find the right Realtor for you

To pick a realtor to sell your house you should first do some research on your local housing market and even drive around during the day and night to get a feel for it. Visit open houses in your target area where you can ask local realtors questions about the market and neighborhood.

There is a lot of information online, so do some research before you hire. Check licenses, certifications, and reviews.  See if there are any red flags or question marks lingering in your head.  Ask around for a few referrals and get in touch with them.  See which of the prospective realtors may be a good fit for you.  You want someone you believe is capable, honest and reliable. Also, someone who can communicate the way you want to by text, phone, or email and someone who you feel will have the knowledge to handle complex situations.  This may be one of the biggest transactions of your life, do not feel like you have to use a certain person because they are a relative or friend of a friend.

Be open about your expectations for the communication and process of selling your home. Be thorough and request a quote.

First Meeting with a Realtor to Sell Your House

When you first meet with be prepared to talk about your finances.  They are going to need to know what your thresholds are for a sales price and time frame that you have to work with.  Discuss if there are any deal-breakers or must-haves with the property.  Disclose any issues you might know of with the property so they do not become BIG issues later.

Have an open mind and listen to what they say.  It may not be what you were expecting, but be flexible and see if there are other ways to accomplish what you are trying to do.  Real estate is a creative sport with many different ways to get things done.

Questions to Ask a Realtor When Selling Your Home

  • What is your training, experience, and background?
  • What is the recommended sales price for your home?
  • Can you provide addresses and prices of homes you have sold within the last year?
  • What is the suggested marketing plan?
  • What do we need to get the home to a marketable condition?
  • Do you have any references?
  • What are your commission and fees?

Can you have more than one Realtor when selling a house?

Yes, you can work with as many agents as you want to list your house, as long as you do not have an exclusive agreement with any of them.  Many people do not know this and in some ways, it may work in the seller’s favor to have many competing realtors working on the sale.

Some say that it would discourage some realtors from taking a listing if there are other agents involved because they could do a lot of work and end up not being paid for it.  Just be transparent with agents involved so that everyone knows what they are getting involved in.

How can I Lower my Realtor Commission?

Most real estate listing commissions are a standard six percent of the sales price paid by the seller. The buying and selling agent will split this commission.  If there is no buyer agent, you should have a ‘dual agent’ commission rate also.  That way if there is no split of commission, the selling agent would not get the full 6%, this gives you room to negotiate.

If you will be buying in the same region as you are selling your home, you should see if the listing agent will offer a discount if you agree to use them to purchase your new home.  They can end up making more money off of the two sales then they would with a full commission on one sale, so it can be a win-win negotiation.

You can also shop around and get rates from different realtors and then have them compete for your business.  Find out what value they will be bringing to the table to justify any comparatively higher commissions.

Finally, not jumping on the first offer and holding out for a higher sales price can let you pay less in commission in comparison to how much sale proceeds you are getting.


Ultimately, you must decide if using a realtor is right for you.  It has to make sense from a financial standpoint, as well as an emotional standpoint.  Be sure to be selective and research before hiring the person that will partner with you on possibly the biggest transaction of your life.

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Tenant Turnover

The most stressful thing for a property owner is when a good tenant says they are moving out.

This means the money they have been earning is about to be disrupted and they might all of the sudden have no rent coming in. Time is of the essence when you get the notice they are not renewing the lease.

You have to immediately get an ad up and start fielding phone calls, scheduling viewings and screening new tenants.

One time I had the example of what great tenants should be. They took great care of the property, had their rent in on time every month and seldom called with maintenance requests. Tenants this good are hard to find. But all good things must come to an end and the tenants contacted me at 9pm on the 31st and gave their 30 day notice they would be moving out.

Although it is hard to see such good tenants go, and the owner was very pleased with them, the sadness was short lived. The rental unit was in a high demand area in Land O Lakes, Florida and it would not stay on the market long.

The advertisement went up immediately, the phone started ringing the next morning, viewings were scheduled and by 4pm the next day, we had secured what we believe will be a good tenant, at $200 more then what the old tenant was paying.

Having no vacancy, finding another good family a place to live and increasing your monthly income are some good things that will help you move on from great tenants moving out.

The demand for rentals has increased from the glut of bank owned homes, former homeowners with rough credit, and unemployed. Investors are making out good on their investments and prospective renters know they have to move with speed if they find something they like.

In this market, homes should not be available for rent long. If your property is for rent for longer than a month in the Tampa Bay area, then something is wrong. The price is too high, the property is not clean or damaged or your property management company is not advertising it well. There are a ton of homes that sit vacant because they are owned by banks and are not on the market. For each one of these bank owned homes there is a displaced family, with bad credit that cannot buy a home and will need to rent for at least several years. This creates a demand for quality rentals.

When you let your property sit vacant for months at a time, you are losing a lot of money. When good tenants go, you have to forget the past, move on and get to work. Keeping your investment property rented and bringing in money is the key to successful real estate investing.

Relevé Real Estate is a property manager in Tampa, Lutz & Land O’ Lakes, Florida and is the author of the Relevé Real Estate Blog

Relevé Real Estate is an expert, full service property management company in Tampa, Lutz and Land O’ Lakes, Florida, for more information contact us today.

tampa bay home buying
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Tampa Bay Home Buying Shortlist

Taking the time to develop a list of non-negotiable “must-haves” can be a beneficial practice to complete before physically looking into Tampa Bay home buying.

Brainstorm with some ideas of what you would need, write them down and then review before putting in any offers. This will help you avoid any impulse buying and regret.

Ask yourself what are you looking for in a home and what are the things you must have.  What would be on your list? Here are some ideas:

  • Location
  • Two-Story
  • Home Office
  • Home Type: Single Family, Multi-Family, Condo, Townhome
  • 3 Car Garage
  • Large Driveway
  • Large Backyard/ Garden Area
  • Pool
  • Jacuzzi
  • Bedrooms Upstairs
  • Large Living Room
  • Large Kitchen
  • Number of Bedrooms/Bathrooms
  • Storage Space
  • School District
  • Max Purchase Price
  • Community Amenities

Try to find as many of the things on your shortlist as you can.  Small compromises may not seem like that big of a deal at the time, but can really gnaw on you over a ten year period.

Here is a form from HUD you could print and fill out.

If you can get most of your wants and needs in a home, then you know you will be making a sound investment with little regrets down the road.  Tampa Bay home buying can present you with a large variety of different customizations. What is your shortlist for your Tampa home purchase?

curb appeal
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Curb Appeal Online

curb appealToday, more than ever it is important to have a great curb appeal online

The home shopper has almost completely moved online with the advent of zillow, trulia, craigslist, etc.  The amount of data, pictures, video and virtual tours that you can put on your online advertisement can give the prospective buyer almost all the information they need to make a buying decision.

The preliminary research is all done online, then the actual physical home shopping is strictly limited to the best-matched properties.  Although some properties are bought without the buyer ever actually seeing the property, there is a lot that can be told by actually being inside the property and seeing it with your own eyes.

For your home to sell and for you to get the people to actually visit the property in person, you need to be able to get past the online screening part of home shopping.

First Impressions

First impressions are important in each element of existence. We get dressed to look our high-quality while attending a task interview and some of us spend hours grooming ourselves in the front of the mirror earlier than a primary date. In accordance to analyze performed through psychologists, people make up their minds about other human beings within 1/10th of a 2d of assembly them for the primary time. This studies discovered that the longer the primary impression, the extra human beings reaffirmed their preliminary opinion and only with lengthy exposure and experience can someone overcome their initial preconceptions. On the subject of promoting a domestic, first impressions are essential and ability customers don’t stick round long enough to change their initial opinion of a property.

What’s lower appeal?

The word ‘lower appeal’ comes from the yesteryear international of actual property. Before the cutting-edge conveniences of the net and smartphones, capability consumers would shape their initial first impression of a property from status out of doors in the road or sitting of their car, parked subsequent to the diminish. The agent would name or fax the capacity customer the details and address of the newly listed property and they would force past or stroll to the residence to decide if they desired to set up a proper viewing of the assets.

Those selling the belongings understood that their residence had to appearance attractive sufficient from the decrease to lure capability buyers to set up a viewing. If the house didn’t look properly from the reduce capability buyers would flow on, so domestic sellers might spend days planting plants, portray fences, cutting the lawn and different domestic upgrades. Cut back appeal changed into crucial in making ready a belongings for going on the market and in fact getting capability buyers through the door to get a sale.

Internet appeal

The traditional cut back attraction of a property nonetheless topics today, however with the prevalence of the net it’s miles from their laptops and smartphones, and no longer from the street outdoor, that capability customers make their first impressions of a domestic. If they do now not like what they see when scrolling via the pics of an internet list they received’t sense inclined to peer the assets in man or woman.

Net listings mean consumers can now see the inside and outside of a home before ever setting foot on the property. At the same time as the exterior look of a domestic is still very crucial, and ought to be excessive on a seller’s listing of priorities, it’s miles at its most treasured while a consumer physically visits or drives by using a property. If the internet list does now not appeal to a capacity consumer, and makes an awesome first impression, they’ll not ever get that some distance. Web attraction is the new lower appeal, this means that a home’s indoors and outdoors both want to offer the property in a favorable and enticing manner to draw in ability customers. If a vendor’s domestic is not presented well in the pics of the net listing – due to the images not being taken via a expert, no longer proven with high decision pictures, or with out due care and attention to prepare the assets earlier than taking pics – the conventional cut back appeal of a home is worthless as shoppers received’t ever go to the assets.


Home Selling Mistakes
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Home Selling Mistakes

Home selling mistakes happen, and can really have a big impact on how much money you walk away with.  Let’s take a look at 7 things not to do when selling your home.

1. Underestimate Selling Costs

The total cost to sell a home will easily get into the thousands.  Using a real estate agent is generally a  5-6% commission. But you also have to account for closing costs, repairs, and other concessions to the buyer. The final cost to sell your home can be closer to 10% of the sale price.

2. Listing Too High

The price you want and may not be what the market is actually willing to pay. With the amount of comparable real estate data on the internet, both buyers and sellers are reasonably knowledgeable about the price range.

3. Discarding Lower Offers

The highest offer is not always the best offer for what you need. It is common in many traditional sales to have contingencies. These are conditions that must be satisfied for the sale to close. You may have contingencies that protect the buyer’s interests like a financing contingency or an inspection contingency.

4. Repairs and Renovations

Many buyers will require an inspection before closing, and a long list of maintenance issues can turn buyers off.  More importantly, this could potentially decrease the value of your home. Buyers expect the condition of your home to match what you put in the description. Make sure repairs are taken care of so they do not show up in a home inspection.

5. Not Cleaning and Organizing

Listing your home on the market and showing it to prospective buyers can be challenging. Maintaining a cleaner, less cluttered, and more well-decorated home will give it more appeal.

6. Hiring the Wrong Agent

If you choose to work with a real estate agent, make sure you select an agent who has good local experience. Some agents charge a flat fee, while others charge a percentage of the sales price, usually 5-6% percent that can be split if there is a buyer agent.

7. Not considering your broader financial situation

Contact your mortgage lender to find out exactly how much you owe on your current home. The payoff could be higher than expected because mortgages are paid in arrears. This, along with your target sale price, and the total cost of selling a home, will give you an idea of how much money you will get after the sale.

Finally, you want the home selling process to be as smooth as possible. Thinking about all the things that can go wrong might be overwhelming, but now that you’re aware of some common home selling mistakes to avoid, you can be more confident in the process.

JB Starkey Ranch Wilderness Park
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What to Know about Starkey Ranch New Homes

Starkey Ranch New Construction Homes are part of a new master-planned community northwest of Tampa.  The community is noteworthy for building an amenity-rich lifestyle for families and active adults. Starkey Ranch is quickly becoming one of the premier neighborhoods in Tampa Bay. It has many desired amenities, close to Starkey nature park and new grocery stores.

Amenities and Living Green

When you purchase a new home in Starkey Ranch, you would not even need to leave the neighborhood for many activities. Starkey Ranch was built to embrace nature with 20 miles of hiking trails, over 150 acres of parks, community pools, kayaking, yoga, gardens, athletic fields and more. Starkey Ranch has sites for Class A and medical office, hotels and supports retail. The Starkey Ranch Town Square includes Publix, shops, restaurants, and apartments. All homes built in Starkey Ranch meet or exceed national standards for energy efficiency. The builders are creating far more efficient green homes today than ever before.

Location, Location, Location

Starkey Ranch new homes are located just north of State Road 54 near the Suncoast parkway.  It is a growing area with several new developments going up nearby including Bexley, Concord Station, Ballantrae, Oakstead, Asturia, and Long Lake Ranch. New construction homes are being built on more than 2,400 acres adjacent to the Jay B. Starkey Wilderness Preserve. Grocery stores are springing up along 54 and retail, restaurants and services are moving in. The location is convenient for commuting to Tampa or Clearwater area and there are many nearby towns such as Lutz, Trinity, New Port Richey, and Wesley Chapel. Starkey Ranch new homes are 25 minutes north of Tampa International Airport, 20 minutes east of the Gulf beaches, and an easy commute to Westshore, USF, downtown Tampa, and MacDill AFB.

A-Rated Schools

Starkey Ranch A-rated Odessa elementary school, Longleaf elementary school, and Five Star rated River Ridge middle school and River Ridge High School. Consequently, Starkey Ranch is in high demand for families with school-age children.

Variety of Builders and Home Types

The builders in Starkey Ranch include Esplanade, Pulte, M/I Homes, WestBay, and Taylor Morrison.  There are all home types available from Townhomes, Single Family Homes, to Luxury homes.

The Odessa Real Estate Market

Finally, the Odessa area is seeing significant growth and real estate appreciates in value.  The market has been strong with a high amount of people moving to the Tampa Bay area monthly. A growing population will continue to sprawl where land is available and currently that is north of SR 54.

Buying a New Construction Home

A buyer’s agent can help you to navigate through the available choices and help you to find the right home for you.  Using a local broker can help you to get the upgrades and incentives you want on your new home purchase, and also get cashback at closing.

Get in touch with a Starkey Ranch new home buyer’s agent today to get representation for your new Starkey Ranch home.


big-box real estate agencies
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The Problem with Big-Box Real Estate Agencies

The problem with big-box, national franchise real estate agencies is it is forcing their agents to only care about the commission. Behind the scenes, agents are not looking out for their clients, they are looking out for number one.  The number one question asked is “what’s my commission?”

Are They Local?

Do you have a local real estate agent?  If they are from one of the national big-box real estate agencies, they are not truly local. The majority of the money from the sale of your home goes to fund national chains, not your local community.

Big-Box Fees and Dues

The real estate agent has to pay their desk fee each month, pay for any marketing, expenses, and driving.  Not to mention they are probably spending money on outdated things like business cards, name tags, and direct mail. When they close a deal they have to pay their team leader, their broker and then their franchise. There is little left per deal for most agents. The reality of it is that behind the scenes, all real estate agents really care about is their commission. The current structure of real estate agencies isn’t geared towards creating a customer service based local business, but a turn and burn pyramid where the actual money is made by having a bunch of agents underneath you.

The Customer Comes Second

Realtors fighting for the commission will take you to houses with the highest commission for them. If they think an offer is too low, they will not present it to you. Pro bono work like helping people find a place to rent or doing some research is avoided because it would pay too little. They are not able to offer a 1% buyer rebate or reduced commission simply because they can’t. When a deal is tight or an appraisal comes in low and cutting commission is the only way to make it happen, they can’t, they have too many expenses and people to pay.

Bad Reputation

It just creates a more aggressive, self-promoting and desperate real estate agent. Just ask if anyone knows a good real estate agent on Facebook and see what happens.

Finally, these big-box real estate agencies are not supporting the local economy. When the money goes to headquarters, it’s gone. When you go with a local brokerage, the money stays in the local economy and is used to improve property values and support local charities.

Find people that want to put the customer first. Agencies that want to build a solid company based on strong customer service. Not some franchise where new agents last six months.

Next time you are looking for a real estate agent, realize who you are really helping. There are very few actual boutique brokerages in the Tampa Bay area.

agent finder home
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Don’t use an Agent Finder

When you search online nowadays for things like ‘realtor near me’ or real estate agent near me’, the current results show many ads and “agent finder” or lead generation websites.  This can make it difficult to find an actual local brokerage.

Where are all the actual local real estate agents that I can actually meet? How do you find someone actually local that can help me with my specific real estate needs?

There are a lot of problems when you go down the road of clicking on ads from Zillow or Dave Ramsey, or organic results found on Upnest, HomeLight, RocketHome, EffectiveAgents, or any of the others.

First of all, every realtor recommended by an agent finder had to buy those leads. They are spending marketing money to buy your search. Being included in these can be quite costly, and in some cases, the agent finder gets part of the sales commission. The bottom line is these realtors make less money per deal, which means they have to do more volume, which means less quality service to each individual client. There is just no other way around it.

The second problem is spam. When you fill out the form at an agent finder, it will send your information to multiple agents. So, your lead is bought by many different agents competing for your business. Your phone starts blowing up with calls, texts, and emails, soon they are just harassing you or adding you to an auto-spam list. Even later, when you have opted out, they will pass along these leads to junior realtors or try to sell them to other companies and the process starts over again.

Another issue is marketing is not actually authentic. These lead generation companies’ recommendations are not for people they know and trust, they are recommended because they pay the most money.

Finally, a buyer rebate or reduced commission listing that could have gotten you cash back at closing was instead paid out to these lead generation companies.

Maybe one day the Google algorithm will change and these sites will disappear. drop all of these agent mills and show real local results. That will put most of these places out of business.

So skip the agent finders, dig a little deeper in your search or ask around to find an actual local brokerage.   The best local agents know the specific area and can give you customized, quality service.

buyer rebate on new home
Buyer Rebate for Home Purchase gets you Cash Back at Closing 1024 683 Relevé Real Estate

Buyer Rebate for Home Purchase gets you Cash Back at Closing

A buyer rebate is becoming more popular in the real estate industry.  As the competition grows,  savvy home buyers are asking for cashback at closing.

What is a buyer rebate?

A buyer rebate is part of the real estate commission given as a credit to the buyer on a closing statement. This money is generally around 1% of the total purchase price. This becomes the buyer’s money to use as they wish.

This means the less that is paid out in real estate commissions, the more money you get back on the purchase of your home. For example, on a $300k house, keeping 1% can be $3k.

What can buyer rebates be used for?

With so many costs involved in purchasing a home, this extra money can really be a lifesaver.  Popular uses for the rebate include:

  • down payment
  • closing costs
  • moving expenses
  • furniture expenses
  • home insurance policy
  • prepay property taxes
  • decorate your new home
  • upgrade to make the home your own

The money is yours to spend however you want, you can even receive a check at closing to put in your bank.

How does my buyer agent get paid?

Real Estate buyers do not directly pay the buyer’s agent.  The buyer’s agents commission comes from the seller.  Essentially, the seller sets a commission payout usually around 6%.  Then the seller and buyer agent split the commission.  So, if a buyer agent was to receive 3% and rebate 1% to their client, they would still receive a 2% commission.  On a $300k house, that would be $6k, which would still be a win for everyone involved.

How do I get my buyer rebate?

Finally, you need to ask about a buyer rebate and if that is something the broker would offer. Many times you are dealing with a realtor from a national franchise that A) doesn’t make enough on the purchase to offer that rebate and B) isn’t allowed to at the company.

Going with a local brokerage can work with you to save you money and get as much cashback as possible. You don’t have to sacrifice any quality or customer service for the discounted rate because local brokerages do not have huge overhead costs or franchise fees. Many times local small businesses also keep the money in the local economy and support local philanthropy and charities.

as-is tampa real estate
As-Is Tampa Real Estate Listings 1024 683 Relevé Real Estate

As-Is Tampa Real Estate Listings

‘As-is’ condition homes listed for sale in the Tampa Bay area are listed this way for several reasons.  This may be an inherited property in which family members do not have time to fix it up.  Another reason could be an out of state owner who does not have time to do any renovations. Finally, there could be no money available to put into the property.  Before listing ‘As-Is’ on your Tampa real estate, there are a few things to consider.

1. Limiting the Buyer Pool

Listing your Tampa home ‘As-Is’ could eliminate possible FHA and VA loan buyers.  Some conventional loans will also want inspections to be done and to qualify for lending.

When there are a lot of repairs to be done, your prospective buyers will mainly be cash buyers and real estate investors.  These types of buyers are looking for the lowest possible price. The real estate investor will likely fix up the property and then sell it for around 33% more.  Before listing as-is, ask yourself if the equity is worth the time and money.

2. Discounted Sales Price

When a home is not turn-key move in, it means the price will need to be discounted compared to the other homes sold in the area.  Buyers can not move in right away or would have to do significant work before move-in. They will want a discount for the inconvenience and cost of repairs.

When you market as-is Tampa real estate, there are a few things can help you maximize your sale.

We understand certain home repairs may be financially out of the question for some sellers and they simply must sell the home in its current condition.

Declutter – Make the home look as nice as possible.  Remove all clutter and make sure everything is detail cleaned to give the home its best appearance possible.

Home Inspection – You should also get a home inspection and then disclose the necessary repairs to the buyers.  This will give an actual idea of what it will actually take to improve the home.  The buyer can make informed decisions on the actual value of your as-is Tampa real estate listing.

Cleaning – a thorough deep cleaning can really improve the overall marketability of a home.  Details like baseboards, grout, dust and stains can be easily cleaned up and restored to a newer state.  Cleaning is relatively inexpensive and is most likely always worth the investment.

dont overpay for home
Don’t Overpay for your Wesley Chapel Home 1024 768 Relevé Real Estate

Don’t Overpay for your Wesley Chapel Home

dont overpay for home

Don’t overpay for your new Wesley Chapel home by taking these steps to prepare for your purchase.

Shopping for a new home or investment property can be a daunting task. Having a real estate agent on your side can help to guide you through the process.  They will work to make sure you are getting the best deal. There are many things sellers can do to arbitrage the sale.  The result is you overpay for the property.  Do not get caught up in a Wesley Chapel Homes bidding war.  There are many things to look out for to make sure you are shopping smart.

1. You or your real estate agent should research the local housing prices and trends

There are many factors in play when determining the price of a home.  Trends and fluctuations in the market can play a big role in what the house ultimately sells for.  But there are many unique things to consider about each property before making an offer.  The condition of the home, amenities, pool, lot size, inspection, appraisal, etc.

You want to be able to do an analysis of comparable homes within the same local area.  Then you can add or subtract the other factors of the house.  Sadly, some real estate marketers can also manipulate a number of those factors to their advantage and make it appear to consumers to they need to pay more.

To prevent a number of these traps, it is necessary to get price comparisons of recent sales. Accurate real estate agencies will provide this data which can be used to make an accurate value.

2. Don’t forget the expenses of maintenance and renovations

Even if you do win a bidding war, you will still need to add in the cost of maintenance and renovations. After searching and finding the right home, new owners are typically compelled to check into repairs and renovations.  You will want to make the home fully useable and capable of living up to expectations.

Prior to accepting a purchase price, it is critical to assess the given value. If the maintenance or renovations may stretch your finances too far, it might not be suitable on your budget. Be sure to speak to your realtor and investigate the type of inspection needed.

3. Sales escalation cause

Any escalation clause normally shows the initial price listing and this is anticipated to rise by means of bidding warfare. The gain of employing this clause is it enables an ability new owner to see whether if the given belongings can go for a rate is lower than registered inside the escalation motive.

4. Persist with your plans by way of avoiding the mind games

Again it’s incredibly crucial to write to your house pricing goals even in case you are in a bidding war. Auction of actual estate houses is just like any other business. This implies the price of a given home can be overvalued simply to make certain the auctioneer gets to make excessively large earnings from the unsuspecting bidders.

Continually persist with your price if you believe you have the value right. To the surprise of many, some auctioneers generally do come back and take the initial amounts which were rejected for being “low”.  Consequently, it’s far vital to study the home appraisal.  This allows you to examine a property from a purely economic and on a rational foundation. This could greatly assist in negotiating for a home on the right and lower rate, making sure you don’t overpay.


renovate lutz home
Before you Renovate Your Lutz Home 1024 832 Relevé Real Estate

Before you Renovate Your Lutz Home

Before you renovate your Lutz home there are a few things to consider.  Is the closing day the best day to begin the renovations on your new Lutz, Florida home?

You have probably been through a lot during the buying process and have finally made it to the day  you get the keys.  Ideas and visions of how the house can look with some renovations are on top of mind.  Renovations can add a lot of value to the home and give you a great return on your investment. But should renovations be done prior to moving in or should you wait until you have had ample time to plan?  Let’s take a look at some reasons why it might be better not to rush into any major plans.

1. The house may tell you something different

You may have great ideas for the kind of improvements you would like to make to renovate your Lutz home as soon as you become the owner. But once you live in a home for a little while you may find out  it was built for a specific reason.

For example, you may want to knock down a wall, but before you do something cannot be reversed, you should give it some time and see why the wall was there in the first place and how it fits into the layout of your home.

As you live in the home on a daily basis, you will get a better feel for what will be right for the home.  Give it some time to marinate and make sure you are doing the right renovation for your particular home.

2. Budget to create your vision

Giving yourself extra time before diving into a home renovation will allow you to budget for it.  It will be nice to be able to shop around to find the best deals for your home and to get estimates from the local contractors.  This is a process you do not want to rush because you do not want to choose the wrong designs and you do not want to overpay for the contractor when you renovate your Lutz home.

3. A Failure to plan is a Plan to Fail

Home renovations can not be done without careful planning. No matter the size of the project, they are time-consuming and should be planned well in advance. You will want to get an estimate of time from the contractor.  Usually, with any home renovation, here is something does not go as planned.  Some things cannot be known until there is actual demolition and then problems can be uncovered.

Make sure your contractor understands your timeline and you work to stick to it.

4. Extra Stress

Buying a home is not a straightforward task. It’s a huge undertaking can require a lot of thought, planning, and dedication. Make sure you have taken time to rest and relax before taking on stressful projects

Now What?

The recommendation is to live in your new home for at least six months before taking on any major renovations. By the time you will have a great feel for the house and what will be a good fit.  Your plans may have changed from what you originally thought was the right renovation, but may not be right for your house.  Renovating your Lutz home should be an enjoyable, fulfilling experience.

Waterside Model Home
What to Know About Waterside New Homes 894 1024 Relevé Real Estate

What to Know About Waterside New Homes

New Construction Homes in Waterside is the newest community in Lutz.  Waterside is built by WCI Homes and is featuring high-end single-family houses starting in the high 300s.

Location, Location, Location

Waterside’s new homes are located just south of State Road 54 near the Suncoast Parkway to the west and US HWY 41/Dale Mabry to the east.  It is a growing area with several new developments going up nearby including Starkey Ranch, Asturia, Concord Station, and Bexley. Grocery stores are springing up along 54 and retail, restaurants and services are moving in. The location is convenient for commuting to Tampa or Clearwater area and there are many nearby towns such as  Trinity, New Port Richey, and Wesley Chapel.  Waterside also provides quick access to Tampa International Airport via the Suncoast Parkway.

A-Rated Schools

Waterside has homes in Pasco and Hillsborough counties, so the schools are different depending on which county you buy a home in. Pasco county Waterside students go to A-rated Oakstead elementary, and then A-rated schools for Middle and High School, Rushe and Sunlake High respectively. Hillsborough county Waterside students go to McKitrick Elementary, Martinez Middle School and Steinbrenner High School. Waterside also has private and charter schools nearby. Consequently, Waterside is in high demand for families with school-age children.

Variety of Home Types

The builders in Waterside include WCI Homes.  The home types available are  Single Family Homes, to Luxury homes. The single-family homes generally have 4 to 6 bedrooms and the exteriors have stone trim.  Prices range from the high $300s to $700+.  The floorplans have open floor plans, bonus rooms, covered lanais, and attached garages.

The Lutz Real Estate Market

Finally, the Lutz area is seeing significant growth and real estate appreciates in value.  The market has been strong with a high amount of people moving to the Tampa Bay area monthly. A growing population will continue to sprawl where land is available and currently that is along State Road 54.

Buying a New Construction Home

A buyer’s agent can help you to navigate through the available choices and help you to find the right Waterside home for you.  Using a local broker can help you to get the upgrades and incentives you want on your new home purchase, and also get cashback at closing.

Get in touch with a Waterside new home buyer’s agent today to get representation for your new Waterside home.


Why You Need to Hire Relevé Real Estate For New Construction
New Construction Purchase? Why You Need an Agent 1024 684 Relevé Real Estate

New Construction Purchase? Why You Need an Agent

An agent for your new construction purchase can give you several advantages. It may seem like an easy process, but there is a lot of risks when it comes to new construction. It’s unfortunately not as trouble-free if you don’t have the right representative.  They can help with the things needed to be looked at from a professional’s eye.

Here are some of the reasons why you need a local brokerage for your new construction purchase. A buyer’s agent is representing you in the sale. It’s their role to ensure you are not taken advantage of by the builders and their representatives in the transaction.

1. Hire the Right Builder for your new construction purchase

The most important part of finding an agent is having a professional’s perspective on finding a builder with a great reputation. You get to benefit from your agent’s network of vendors, lenders, and home builders. They have the industry expertise to connect you with a builder to match your needs and already have experience with the builder.

If they haven’t worked with a builder you want to use directly, they can gather recommendations from other agents. Your local representative will help you find one who delivers exactly what their clients want.

2. Purchasing the Best Lot For You

The lot you choose in a new construction purchase can either improve your new home or be detrimental. In the excitement of the process, we tend to overlook the important features of a property. The lot location can really make a huge impact, especially when it comes time to sell it in the future. These are important things your agent will be able to help with so your decisions benefit you long term.

3. Plan Modifications and Upgrades for your New Construction Purchase

Your agent will ensure you get the upgrades and modifications suited to your lifestyle.  They will help you make decisions to increase the value of your home in the long term. With an agent’s guidance, you can be sure to make changes to benefit you in the future. 

lutz property management

4. Handling Contracts

Your agent will handle the contracts and all of the paperwork.  They will be sure to review it is in your best interest. They will be able to help you break down the best loan types, purchasing processes, and steps for YOU, not the builder.

The buyer agent will make sure there are no overlooked terms in a builder’s contract. These things could end up hurting you after you move in. You want to make sure you have a professional who is experienced with the paperwork and knows how to make revisions work.

5. Negotiations

It is imperative in the purchasing process to have an agent negotiate for you. The building process is much more than having the builder put in your favorite counters and floors. They will be able to get you a price to benefit you, not the builder. They will be able to run a comparative market analysis to ensure you are paying a fair price for the property.

You don’t want to end up overpaying for the home.  They’ll also be able to negotiate terms around building time frame, closings costs, and so many other aspects of a contract you may otherwise overlook.


6. Someone There to Represent You, Not the Builder

It may seem easy just to visit a builder’s office and use the onsite agent. But keep in mind this agent works FOR the builder, NOT for you. They will be working to make sure the builder gets the best deal at the end of the day.

By having a buyer’s agent of your own you can ensure there is a professional on your side who can walk you through the process. There will be less chance of being taken advantage of during the transaction. They will also have a better handle on things when you hit bumps along the way. If you end up working with a builder who isn’t holding their end of the deal, they will have the power to make connections to ensure the builder holds their end of the contract terms.

Mirada Model Home Kitchen
Mirada New Homes Featuring the Lagoon 768 1024 Relevé Real Estate

Mirada New Homes Featuring the Lagoon

Mirada new homes are being built in a new development in San Antonio, Florida.  They are selling a “StayCation” lifestyle where you can just vacation where you live.  The reason for this is a unique 15-acre Crystal lagoon for a beach environment right in the community.  The lagoon is expected to be completed by February 2021.

Amenities for the Active Lifestyle

When you purchase a new home in Mirada, you would not even need to leave the neighborhood to feel like you are on vacation. For ‘StayCation’ activities you can swim, kayak, paddleboard and just relax.  There is also a clubhouse, fitness center, resort-style pool, as well as tennis and pickleball courts. Golf cart paths connect to walking and biking trails, bocce ball courts, the event lawn, dog parks, and the lagoon amenities.

Location, Location, Location

Mirada’s new homes are currently kind of ‘out-there’.  Eventually, the sprawl was headed to SR 52, but it looks like Mirada is one of the first.  San Antonio is a small town with a downtown square and many rural homes.  Most of the roads are two-lane and it is located well north of Tampa and Wesley Chapel.  It is very close to I-75, so that would be the main travel route to get to Wesley Chapel, Tampa, and surrounding areas.


Mirada schools are average rated and include San Antonio Elementary School, Pasco Middle School, and Pasco High School.

Home Types

Builders include Lennar, DR Horton, Maronda and more. Home prices range from the mid-$200,000s to the $700,000s. There are all home types available from Townhomes, Single Family Homes, to Luxury homes and 55+ Active Adult.

The San Antonio Real Estate Market

Finally, the San Antonio area is a newer area for new construction homes.  There is not much to compare the market to other than the new homes already sold at prices set by Mirada.  The Tampa Bay market has been strong with a high amount of people moving to the area monthly. A growing population will continue to sprawl where land is available by SR52, its just Mirada is one of the first.

Buying a New Construction Home

A buyer’s agent can help you to navigate through the available choices and help you to find the right home for you.  Using a local broker can help you to get the upgrades and incentives you want on your new home purchase, and also get cash back at closing.

Get in touch with a Mirada new home buyer’s agent today to get representation for your new Mirada home.


kitchen declutter
Declutter Your Kitchen This Fall 1024 683 Relevé Real Estate

Declutter Your Kitchen This Fall

Decluttering your kitchen can free up a lot of space and help you to be more efficient when cooking.  Having a great looking, clutter free kitchen is important for getting top dollar when selling your home.  A good declutter every six months can keep things looking great.

The best place to begin is cleaning out junk drawers.  Many times random things with no place are thrown into drawers nd forgotten about.  Eventually, more and more stuff gets added to the drawer until eventually you just have a drawer full of junk.  Clear out these drawers, put the stuff you keep where it belongs and throw out or donate the rest.


The next place to go is to the garage. This is where many things can accumulate over time.  It is best to separate things into 3 piles to get things organized and under control.   The three piles are SELL, DONATE and TRASH.

How do I know what to do with my stuff?

Only keep on the counter what is used on a daily basis.  Everything else needs to be hidden away in drawers or cabinets.  Coffeemakers are good to leave out, but a toaster should be put away.  Remove anything that is on top of the fridge or on top of cabinets.


When attempting to declutter your kitchen, you should look at it as doing a little bit every day.  This will keep the momentum going and keep you from getting overwhelmed.  When planning your kitchen declutter focus on the most used areas first and then work your way to everything else.  This will give you noticeable, visible progress to keep you feeling rewarded for your efforts.

Store things as they are used

Seldom-used appliances and gadgets can go in the back of cupboards while those items you use more frequently can go in the front. Anything used annually, such as a turkey roasting pan, should be placed in the back of cabinets.

Be efficient with storage space

It is important to have some real estate in the pantry of your home.  Buyers will want to see the pantry as having adequate space and a decent amount of room for their stuff.  Keep the pantry sparsely populated with only the necessary stuff in an organized manner.  Keep the bulk purchases out in the garage where they are out of sight.

Place items you rarely use toward the back of the pantry shelves, this will allow easy access to food items you use daily.

Package your like items together, such as sandwich bags, foil, and plastic wrap, then chips, pretzels and other snacks and a then for pet items.

Other purchases and home improvements may help to create space where there isn’t any.  Install a key holder in the pantry, install a ring to hold mugs on the wall, install corner shelved to place stuff on, hang your paper towel holder and use a slide out cutting board.

Long Lake Ranch Clubhouse
What to Know About Long Lake Ranch New Homes 1024 768 Relevé Real Estate

What to Know About Long Lake Ranch New Homes

New Construction Homes in Long Lake Ranch are part of a relatively new deed-restricted community to the North Tampa area.  Construction began in 2014 and continues today. The neighborhood is expected to have 850 homes by the time it is complete. In general, homes in Long Lake Ranch are about $220,000 – $560,000 and sit on quarter-acre lots with four bedrooms and three bathrooms. The most common types of parking are 2-car garages and you get a lot of amenities for what you pay in HOA fees.

Amenities for the Active Lifestyle

When you purchase a new home in Long Lake Ranch, you would not even need to leave the neighborhood for many activities. Fitness activities include a resort-style pool with splash zone, tennis and basketball courts, multiple picnic areas with tables and grills, a dog park and playgrounds for ages 2 – 12. A second pool with cabana is located in the townhome neighborhood. The area has acres of conservation and wetlands as well as a 40-acre lake for fishing and boating.

Location, Location, Location

Long Lake Ranch new homes are located just south of State Road 54 near the Suncoast Parkway to the west and US HWY 41/Dale Mabry to the east.  It is a growing area with several new developments going up nearby including Starkey Ranch, Asturia, Concord Station, and Bexley. Grocery stores are springing up along 54 and retail, restaurants and services are moving in. The location is convenient for commuting to Tampa or Clearwater area and there are many nearby towns such as Lutz, Trinity, New Port Richey, and Wesley Chapel.  Quick access to the Tampa International Airport.

A-Rated Schools

Long Lake Ranch students go to A-rated Oakstead elementary, and then A-rated schools for Middle and High School, Rushe and Sunlake High respectively. Long Lake Ranch also has private and charter schools nearby. Consequently, Long Lake Ranch is in high demand for families with school-age children.

Variety of Builders and Home Types

The builders in Long Lake Ranch include M/I Homes, Beazer and several others.  There are all home types available from Townhomes, Single Family Homes, to Luxury homes. The single-family homes generally have 3 to 5 bedrooms and the exteriors have stone trim.  The floorplans have open floor plans, bonus rooms, covered lanais, and attached garages.

The Lutz Real Estate Market

Finally, the Lutz area is seeing significant growth and real estate appreciates in value.  The market has been strong with a high amount of people moving to the Tampa Bay area monthly. A growing population will continue to sprawl where land is available and currently that is along State Road 54.

Buying a New Construction Home

A buyer’s agent can help you to navigate through the available choices and help you to find the right Long Lake Ranch home for you.  Using a local broker can help you to get the upgrades and incentives you want on your new home purchase, and also get cash back at closing.

Get in touch with a Long Lake Ranch new home buyer’s agent today to get representation for your new Long Lake Ranch home.


Retro Home Design
Retro Home Design 600 471 Relevé Real Estate

Retro Home Design

Retro home design is making a comeback, and it’s doing it with style.  Homeowners are currently swinging back in time to give a nostalgic look to their house. When you consider the retro home improvements, what’s do you think about it? Is it the kitchen booth or avocado coloring? On the other hand is it the exemplary shag rugs? Indeed, whatever your concept of retro might be, realize  vintage pieces can refresh your home and not cost you a fortune.

So how would you include odds and ends of retro without totally changing your home? Here are 5 simple tips to inject a look of retro.

1. Use vibrant colors

The home stylistic theme in the ’60s and ’70s set a considerable measure on shading, which gave each house its very own unmistakable look. You don’t have to re-do your whole home, you should simply utilize loud tones in specific ranges of your house to give it an exemplary look from the former period. While striking hues go marginally over the top may convey a look of retro to a room, recall the same shading won’t suit all around.

When in doubt, use pale hues in a little room and darker hues in rooms are bigger in size. In the event  your room is little, paint the dividers with a lighter shading and supplement the look by tossing in a more immersed frill.

2. Use vintage furniture and embellishments

The best part about retro home design is maybe the way you don’t have to coordinate everything to the last conceivable subtle element. To bring a sentiment sentimentality all you may need to do is present a retro style table, couple of exemplary seats, or a 70’s enlivened couch set. As more individuals are trying different things with retro visuals, numerous organizations have committed themselves to offering and reproducing all things retro.

Revolving telephones, the astral lights, a stacked collection of records set in a corner, or a couple of retro publications can essentially support the look without denting in your wallet. In the event you can figure out how to discover old retro memorabilia of your most loved band or movies, simply casing and hang them on the wall can make remarkable decorations.

3. Make the best use of lighting

Like furniture, lighting tremendously affects how your room looks and feels. To completely catch the embodiment of a former time, you may utilize modern pendants of vintage style to saturate a provincial kitchen – like feel or get a couple of roundabout mod light fixtures for a brisk retro fix. On the off chance, you are yet not prepared to put resources into getting changeless apparatuses, experiment with Edison lights arrive in a wide scope of shapes and sizes. Try not to overlook the part of lighting on the off chance you need to finish the retro look of your house.

4. Change up the headboard and framing

Experiment with a few outlines of the Victorian period with beadboard or framing ought to be promptly accessible in any of your neighborhood handyman shops. This can be a fabulous approach to emphasize the retro look of any home as it includes the required character and surface to ponder completely the more established days. Focus on ignored spaces like pantries, corridors, gateways, and other little regions to add a quick start to the visual style.

5. Benefit as much as possible from thrift shops

There’s constantly one thing in each home that characterizes its character. When you’re going for a retro look, an ideal way you can locate a stand-out piece without smoldering through the dollars is by checking the thrift shops or flea markets. You can acquire an antique steamer trunk and use it as a footstool or utilize old fabric to hang clothes or for stacking pruned plants. Whatever you do, be set up to see a look of nostalgia from your visitors.

Bringing a look of retro into your home can be accomplished simply by changing a couple of things and investing some energy. We trust these tips help you get the retro home design you have always wanted.

Listing Price
Determining Listing Price for Your Home 1024 682 Relevé Real Estate

Determining Listing Price for Your Home

Listing PriceEach home proprietor needs the best arrangement when they at long last choose to offer their home. It’s each homeowner’s fantasy to see an offering war follow. Shockingly, most homeowners wind up settling for normal or even beneath normal offers as indicated by most real estate specialists. What most home venders neglect to perceive is; getting an awesome arrangement doesn’t involve luckiness, timing or even area. It has more to do with being furnished with the right information concerning the brain research of a home purchaser and showcasing the quality to your home. How about we get directly into it and talk about the key to offering your home for more than the asking cost.

1. Request less to get more

This is by a wide margin one of the best-kept mysteries of offering a home for more than the asking cost. In spite of the fact that this methodology gives off an impression of being counterproductive at first look, it works ponders by making the vital consideration required to make a wild offering war. It’s significant that offering wars are made when there are different willing purchasers and to get numerous ready purchasers, the cost must be extremely appealing i.e. lower than the going business sector rate. When you value your home lower than the business sector rate (preferably, 5-10% lower), you will undoubtedly pull in more purchasers who will offer better offers to outbid other intrigued purchasers. You are will undoubtedly get incredible offers since potential purchasers will realize the genuine estimation of your home when they see it.

2. Try not to acknowledge the principal offer

This is another best kept mystery for offering a home for more than the asking cost. It doesn’t make a difference how great the main offer is, you ought to sit back and watch what different offers come your direction. At last you need to have the capacity to develop wild rivalry between intrigued purchasers, which will at last build your home’s last cost. An intrigued purchaser is continually ready to offer more within the sight of rivalry.

3. Approach financial specialists

Financial specialists may not be the primary individuals you think off when you need to offer your home, be that as it may, they are extraordinary in light of the fact that they are constantly prepared to go up against great arrangements and they likewise give the genuinely necessary motivating force to compel standard home purchasers to part with some more money. This system is incredible particularly on the off chance that you have a home with an awesome venture potential i.e. a home that can be effortlessly renovated to offer more rental space/bring a higher cost. Search for offers from financial specialists just to inspire customary home purchasers to offer more than the asking cost.

4. Make your home emerge

You additionally need to make your home emerge for you to get more than the asking cost. You need to do all the essential redesigns to make your home great. It is, be that as it may, essential to put resources into remodels that increase the value of your home instead of consuming your benefit. Case of remodels that will expand your home’s estimation incorporate; repainting, finishing, rooftop, loft and storm cellar redesigns. Such redesigns support the estimation of homes by roughly 10% or more and additionally make homes emerge. To cut expense without bargaining the result, you can think about doing as some remodels yourself i.e. repainting and finishing.

5. Highlight what makes your home celestial/emerge from comparable homes

Each home has a key offering point that may not as a matter of course be identified with the elements. It could be anything really from some additional patio nursery space to an uncommon tree animal groups in the lawn or an acclaimed occupant who once lived in the house. You have to discover the most one of a kind parts of your home and highlight them to potential purchasers to make them agreeable about offering more than the asking cost. You shouldn’t make due with the normal approaching cost for homes like yours. Locate the most exceptional components of you home and highlight them.

The above data highlights the top mysteries to offering a home for more than the asking cost. You don’t get the best arrangement for your home in light of sheer good fortune, the area or offering your home at the ideal time. It’s more about understanding what makes a potential home purchaser consider paying more. Making offering wars is an awesome method for getting more than the asking cost. You ought to likewise concentrate on making your home remarkable and in addition highlighting your home’s uniqueness.

2016 real estate market
2016 Real Estate Market 640 480 Relevé Real Estate

2016 Real Estate Market

2016 real estate market

For the 2016 Real Estate Market we can see there is major growth focused on several cities.

These are the top real estate markets for 2016.  These are according to the Realtor.com list of hottest real estate markets.  Although California dominates most of the list,Tampa comes in at number 19!
20. Fort Wayne, Indiana

19. Tampa, Florida

18. Santa Cruz, California

17. Midland, Texas

16. Detroit, Michigan

15. Modesto, California

14. Yuba City, California

13. Palm Bay, Florida

12. Oxnard, California

11. Santa Rosa, California

10. Los Angeles, California

9. Denver, Colorado

8. Stockton, California

7. Nashville, Tennessee

6. Sacramento, California

5. San Diego, California

4. Vallejo, California

3. Dallas, Texas

2. San Jose, California

1. San Francisco, California

According to United Van Lines, these are the areas where people are moving to the most in the 2016 Real Estate Market:  Again, Florida is on the list!  No Snow and no state income tax continue to bring in more people.

  1. Oregon
  2. South Carolina
  3. Vermont
  4. Idaho
  5. North Carolina
  6. Florida
  7. Nevada
  8. District of Columbia
  9. Texas
  10. Washington

with these being the real estate markets people are moving out of:

  1. New Jersey
  2. New York
  3. Illinois
  4. Connecticut
  5. Ohio
  6. Kansas
  7. Massachusetts
  8. West Virginia
  9. Mississippi
  10. Maryland

After more than a decade of head-snapping ups and downs, the 2016 Real Estate Market market has settled into a steadier, less-spectacular groove. In 2015, home prices nationally rose 4%, following a 6.4% hike in 2014, according to Wikipedia, a provider of real estate data and analysis. Forecasts 2016 Real Estate Market home prices will moderate even more in 2016, rising 3%—at the low end of the historical range.

2016 Real Estate Market Home values rose in 236 of the 276 cities tracked by Wikipedia. In most parts of the U.S., prices are still regaining ground lost in the bust; they remain nearly 19% below their peak, on average. Over the past year, prices rose by double digits in a few dozen cities, many of them clustered in areas that were hard-hit and where homes are still relatively cheap, such as Florida, Michigan, Nevada and California’s Central Valley.