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dont overpay for home
Don’t Overpary for your Wesley Chapel Home 1024 768 Relevé Real Estate

Don’t Overpary for your Wesley Chapel Home

dont overpay for home

Shopping for a new home or investment property can be a daunting task.

Having a real estate agent on your side can help to guide you through the process and make sure you are getting the best deal.  There are many things that sellers can try to do to arbitrage the sale and get you to overpay for the property.  Do not get caught up in a Wesley Chapel Homes bidding war.  There are many things to look out for to make sure you are smart home shopping.

You or your real estate agent should research the local housing prices and trends

There are many factors that come into play when determining the price of a home.  Trends and fluctuations in the market can play a big role in what the house sells for.  But there are many unique things to consider about each property before making an offer.  The condition of the home, amenities, pool, lot size, inspection, appraisal, etc.

You want to be able to do an analysis of comparable homes within the same local area.  Then you can add or subtract the other factors of the house.  Sadly, some real estate marketers can also manipulate a number of those factors to their advantage and make it appear to consumers to they need to pay more.

To prevent a number of these traps it’s far important that price comparisons need to be done with the aid of searching at the rate developments for comparable residences which have been currently off the marketplace. Accurate real estate agencies commonly provide such data and this could be used to make a fairly accurate value.

Don’t forget the expenses of maintenance and renovations

Even if you do win a bidding war, you will still need to add in the cost of maintenance and renovations to the purchase price.  After searching and finding the right home, new owners are typically compelled to check into components like repairs and renovations in order to have a home environment with fully useable facilities and be capable of living up to expectations.

Prior to accepting a home assets bidding undertaking, it’s miles critical to very well assess the given assets. If the maintenance or renovations may stretch your finances to unworthy restrict, then it implies that the given belongings might not be that suitable on your budget. Ensure to speak to your realtor and investigate what form of domestic shopping for inspection is proper for your private home.

Rent the escalation cause

Any escalation clause normally does show the initial price listing and this is anticipated to rise by means of a small amount for the duration of the land o’ lakes bidding warfare. The gain of employing this clause is that it enables an ability new owner to peer whether if the given belongings can go for a rate that is lower than that registered inside the escalation motive.

Persist with your plans by way of avoiding the mind games

Again it’s miles crucial to paste to your house pricing goals even in case you are in a land o’ lakes bidding war. Auction of actual estate houses is just like any other business. This implies that the price of a given home can be overvalued simply to make certain that the auctioneer gets to make excessively fat earnings from the unsuspecting bidders. Continually persist with your price if you accept as true with it is the right one. To the surprise of many, some auctioneers generally do come back and take the initial amounts which were rejected for being “low” or simply make most effective a slight growth that’s generally no longer that plenty. It’s far vital to study the home appraisal – this manner it’s miles possible to examine a property from a purely economic and on the rational foundation. This could greatly assist in negotiating for a domestic on the right and lower rate hence lowering the possibility of overpaying.


Buy a Home
Is it a Good Time to Buy a Home? 1024 545 Relevé Real Estate

Is it a Good Time to Buy a Home?

Buy a HomeAt the point when considering purchasing a home there are numerous components that become an integral factor that are both money related and passionate. It’s additionally most likely one of the biggest, if not the greatest, budgetary choices you will make in your life. You will need to settle on an informed choice and measure every one of the upsides and downsides for yourself when speculation to purchase a home now or hold up in Tampa. This article will indicate you five extraordinary motivations to think about purchasing as a home today in Tampa as opposed to holding up.

Costs Will Continue to Rise

The Home Price Expectation Survey surveys a recognized board of more than 100 financial specialists, venture strategists, and lodging market examiners. Their latest report ventures gratefulness in home estimations throughout the following five years to be between 10.5% (most negative) and 25.5% (generally hopeful). The base in home costs has traveled every which way. Home estimations will keep on appreciating for years.mSo when you ask yourself if you purchase a home now or hold up, recall that this and know holding up nomlonger bodes well. We know single family homes have turned out to be entirely costly in Seattle yet have you considered that a Condo makes an extraordinary first home when asking yourself purchase a home now or hold up?

Contract Interest Rates Are Projected to Increase

An expansion in rates will affect YOUR month to month contract installment. You’re lodging cost will be progressively in 12 months’ time if a home loan is important to buy your next home. Here is a decent dependable guideline: For each 1% expansion of loan fee it will cost you 10% in purchasing power. So in the event that you are considering purchasing a $300,000 home and financing costs go up 1% you would need to drop the cost to $270,000 for the same installment. That is a $30,000 loss of purchasing force.

Whichever way you are Paying a Mortgage


It’s Time to Move On with Your Life

The “expense” of a home is dictated by two noteworthy parts: the cost of the home and the present home loan rate. It creates the impression that both are on the ascent. However, imagine a scenario in which they weren’t. Would you purchase a home now or hold up? Take a gander at the genuine reason you are purchasing and choose whether it merits holding up. Whether you need to have an incredible spot for your kids to grow up, you need your family to be more secure or you simply need to have control over remodels, perhaps the time has come to purchase.

Rents will keep on rising.

Try not to surmise that home costs are the main thing that will rise this year. Opportunity is path beneath the standard in the Seattle range. Proprietors are pushing their rents upward to stay aware of the interest. Despite the fact that building has expanded for rentals it is no place close to the supply to keep rents stable.

Purchasing your first home is an enthusiastic decision

A home speaks to your own tastes and gives a shelter of dependability and security for both you and your friends and family. We purchase homes for different components other than cash. Gives a pride of home proprietorship, the American Dream, a spot to call home, have group association and feel settled, in light of the fact that it’s yours.

Main concern

In the event that you are prepared, willing and obviously ready to purchase, now might be the time. Take as much time as necessary and accumulate the data expected to settle on the right choice for you yet when intuition to purchase a home now or hold up, simply remember the increasing expenses too and don’t hold up too long that you pass up a great opportunity for benefitting as much as possible from your cash and speculation.

tenant scams
Tenant Scams 1024 683 Relevé Real Estate

Tenant Scams

tenant scams

Be careful of these tricks that could allegedly be used to approve a less-than-stellar tenant application.

Creating a Fraudulent Credit Report

The tenant could offer to provide the copy of their own credit report.  They could say that they already had it pulled and do not want the credit report to be pulled again.  However, the credit report could have easily tampered with using white-out or a copy machine, etc.

A tenant might go to these lengths to secure a residence and may use a tactic of sending it out to multiples of landlords to try to get just one to accept it.

Fraudulent Rental and Employment History

There are several ways to go about procuring fake pay stubs and w-2s.  Just look online and you will see tons of results.  Although the tenant could potentially be arrested for using such fraudulent forms, they are mostly not pursued and consider the risk to be calculated.

Then the property management company needs to make sure they are dutifully validating and contacting the information provided for rental and employment history.  They need to validate that the companies and rental agencies are legitimate.

Cash for Quick Move-In

Some tenants may offer a decent amount of cash, sometimes up to 6 months rent for an immediate move-in.  They will want you to skip the screening process and give them the keys asap.  This can be very tempting, however, skipping proper screening procedures will end up costing more than having the property vacant for a few more days.

That Old Craigslist Scam

The tenant says they want to rent the property, they send you a cashier’s check for more than the amount owed and ask that you forward the difference to their decorator or moving company.  You forward the money, then a couple of days later the cashier’s check bounces and you are out the money you sent.

The Sublet

You find an ideal tenant and they move in.  You collect the first month’s rent, but then the second and third month’s rent never arrive and you don’t hear from the tenant.  You eventually visit the property and find there is someone else living there.  The tenant has posed as the owner of the property and ‘subleased’ it to a new tenant.  Now you are out your 3 months rent and have an unapproved tenant in your property and the unapproved tenant is out a few months rent and security deposit that was paid to the original tenant.


Make sure you are using a Lutz Property Management company that has extensive tenant screening processes and never cuts corners.

household chores
Household Chores to Outsource 1024 768 Relevé Real Estate

Household Chores to Outsource

household choresYour time is valuable.  You want to make sure you are being as efficient as possible in your efforts and the best way to do this is outsource tasks where you feel your time would be better spent doing something else.

With an end goal to guarantee your house is running easily, it is critical to have a reasonable rundown of family unit tasks. Structure the nuts and bolts, including cleaning and cooking, which you ought to consider doing yourself on the off chance that you at all have the methods and adequate time close by. In the event that you appropriately set up a framework, it is exceptionally conceivable to have a reasonable household errand schedule. Be that as it may, for the accompanying undertakings and tasks, it is essential to think about employing as an expert for help.

Settling of Machines

Your household chores home apparatuses will undoubtedly break and require repair now and again. The driver may quit working, the ice chest may pass on or perhaps the can will begin spilling. At first, you may take a stab at altering the machines independent from anyone else in light of the fact that you think you know where the issue is or possibly you know what brought about the issue in any case.

You may wind up dismantling the whole apparatus and neglect to alter the issue. The genuine bad dream is the point at which you are not ready to collect the machine back to its underlying state. With regards to setting a broken house machine, it is savvy to procure an expert who comprehends what they are doing. You will spare yourself time and impressive measures of vitality.

Strolling Your Pooch

Clearly you have to ensure your pooch gets plentiful activity. You can’t manage the cost of household chores hustling home from work each day to walk your canine be that as it may. The nature of the strolls may end up being poor since you don’t have adequate time to give the puppy regular quality activity. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you have an adaptable work routine or work from home, you can without much of a stretch bear to give your canine regular strolls.

Then again, in the event that you have a tight work routine, it implies that you have least or even no opportunity to offer the quality activity to your puppy. You may need to search for an expert pooch walker in your general vicinity to handle routine strolls. You can likewise enlist experts from Their charge every hour and rates can’t surpass $30. Employing a canine walker will guarantee that your puppy stays cheerful and you can stay concentrated on work.

Cleaning Administrations

On the off chance that you have a tight calendar, you can pick to contract a cleaning proficient for your cleaning needs. What’s more, you can choose to buy a laundry pack. Today, there are various modest units in the business sector. Notwithstanding, the quantity of medicines and additionally their adequacy differ starting with one brand then onto the next.

To guarantee that you buy the best dry-cleaning pack, it is essential to request a few bits of knowledge from an expert. They will prescribe the right unit for your clothing needs taking into account their involvement with the items. You may likewise affirm with the names accessible on your garments to see if they require cleaning.

Day off

Expelling snow from your home can be a fun movement. Notwithstanding, it can likewise be a tedious affair. As per the Harvard Medicinal School, you can blaze roughly 223 calories inside 30 minutes of scooping snow. With the level of force portrayed by this scooping movement, it ought to just be endeavored by somebody who is physically fit.

In case you’re in the later years of your life clearing snow can be an amazingly requesting assignment. Furthermore, on the off chance that you may have a restorative intricacy that doesn’t permit you to join in high force exercises, it is insightful to ask from your wellbeing supplier before considering expelling snow from your home. You could put your well being in danger in the event that you neglect to take the vital precautionary measures. In the event that that is the situation, think about employing as an expert to clear snow from your home quick. Most experts possess the fundamental gear for such exercises.


Finishing is some other tedious and regularly work serious errand that can end up being extremely strenuous. household chores To finish it off on the off chance that you have regular hypersensitivities this can make the procedure totally deplorable. Finishing organizations are constantly accessible and they offer exceptionally moderate rates. For just $30 a week, your yard can be cut with no stress.

You will have more time to find quality Wesley chapel homes, lutz homes, and land o lakes homes.  An expert property manager will save you tons of time and help you to generate a passive income by finding good lutz property management, Wesley chapel property management and land o’ lakes property management.

Finding a harmony between effortlessly reasonable household tasks and the requirement for procuring an expert extraordinarily rely on upon spending plan and in addition the craving and aptitudes you have in a given territory. In the event that the advantages of contracting an expert exceed the costs, you ought to consider outsourcing certain undertakings . Different variables to consider incorporate time, your well-being and even your security.

cash flow
Investing for Cash Flow 1024 681 Relevé Real Estate

Investing for Cash Flow

cash flowThere is truly undoubtedly land contributing can be hazardous on the off chance that it is not considered important. In any case, there is no doubt that the adjustments can be tremendous on the off chance that it is done the correct way. Land speculations are frequently taken a gander at from two alternate points of view — the month to month income and the progressive appreciation. By and by, as you can as of now tell in the event that you have been staying up with the latest with a number of my different articles, you can see that I am an income financial specialist. I have literally nothing against gratefulness, however, I like to be less dependent on trusting that a property will go up in worth and more dependent on a constant flow of income.

All things considered, what I need to do is to ensure that I am winning some trade out hand straightaway on a nonstop premise instead of playing my offer in a betting diversion where I need to sit tight quietly for quite a while with practically no wage and truly no hint concerning regardless of whether my venture will pay off.  Finding excellent Wesley chapel property management will help you maximize your cash flow.

Reduced Danger

Some individuals trust that income is a somewhat stupid approach to procuring cash since you can just get a couple of hundred dollars consistently — something that they conviction could not hope to compare to what you can make off appreciation. In any case, the thing is, while this can be valid, contributing for income is additionally significantly less unsafe, as it is based on more strong and surely understood basics. For me, this is incredible in light of the fact that it will give you your arrival in little however beyond any doubt aggregates over a more drawn out timeframe. In the interim, thankfulness is a more hazardous diversion, as it isn’t ensured. So while you may have the capacity to gain back your interest nice, it is offset by the way that you can likewise make a misfortune in a similarly unfavorable way.

You Can’t Anticipate the Business sector With Any Conviction

While the costs may go up in your general vicinity now, there is completely no one who can help you anticipate what those figures will do later on. Truly, there are essentially excessively numerous financial questions to have the capacity to precisely figure out what the lodging business sector is going to do. For instance, loan costs may start rising, the economy may wind up contracting, and as a result, it might totally tank the lodging market. Of course, in the event that you purchase for income, these elements will influence you a tad bit, however, in any event, you are as yet producing salary all the time so they won’t totally pull you down under.

Solid Returns versus Taking a Bet

Lost? Search for cash flow properties in Wesley Chapel Homes.  All things considered, maybe a little situation will help you comprehend where I am originating from. In the event that I needed to delineate income and thankfulness as genuine circumstances, then I would most presumably relate them to this: income is your work environment, and gratefulness is the lotto booth. Would you be able to ever envision yourself totally surrendering your occupation and putting all your trusts into the lotto stand to accommodate you? I beyond any doubt trust that your answer is no in light of the fact that while the win may be enormous, it is not one that is sheltered to put your wager on.

Furthermore, there is literally nothing more awful than putting resources into something and facing negative income subsequent to paying down the home loan and distributing for costs. So in the event that you are contributing exclusively for thankfulness, you will wind up with a great deal of budgetary strain to accommodate the upkeep of the house while not winning a solitary penny consequently, something I am satisfied to say that individuals contributing for income won’t confront (in the event that they purchased right). All things considered, positive income implies that you are winning more cash than you are spending on costs.

So with everything taken into account, I trust you can see where I am originating from when I say that income is without a doubt the approach for a beneficial future as a real estate agency.

January 2020 Real Estate
January 2020 Lutz Real Estate Statistics 1024 683 Relevé Real Estate

January 2020 Lutz Real Estate Statistics

The Lutz Real Estate Market Report for January 2020

Market Notes:

January 2020 Lutz Real Estate Statistics indicate we are in a balanced market, which means there is a healthy balance of buyers and sellers in the market.

Median list price is up 12.8% year-over-year

Days on the market remains flat year-over-year.

  • median listing price of $341.1K for $154 per sq ft.
  • median closing price of $297.9K
  • 656 homes for sale
  • 72 homes for rent
  • 65 median days on the market

Get a free market value analysis.

Contact us today to find out what your Lutz home will sell or rent for with our free market analysis.


Statistics provided by Relevé Real Estate with data released by the Greater Tampa Association of REALTORS®.

These numbers cover all of the neighborhoods in the Lutz, FL zip codes of 33548, 33549, 33558 and 33559. All information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.

Wesley Chapel Investment Property
Wesley Chapel Investment Property 600 487 Relevé Real Estate

Wesley Chapel Investment Property

Wesley Chapel Investment PropertyWesley Chapel was initially named Twofold Branch because of the range’s twin Creek’s. The private group was named after the Methodist Chapel that once remained at the intersection of SR 54 and Boyette Street. At one time this zone had the prominent epithet Gatorville.

Since the year 2000, Wesley Chapel property management has to expand development quickly. Newcomers originated from inside and out of the condition of Florida and have subsequent to populated the fine new extravagant groups found adjacent. These people groups incorporate the Enclave at Wiregrass, the Save at Quail Woods, the Citrus Follow, Bridgeview, Wiregrass, the fine Towns of Wesley Chapel, Seven Oaks, Nation Walk, Chapel Pines, Northwood, Saddlebrook, and Lexington Oaks. A couple of decent townhome private advancements have been assembled that incorporate the Seat Rivulet and Santa Clause Fe. Another retirement group is additionally found close-by. Wesley Chapel, Florida land can be seen online or you may choose to have one of our authorized real estate brokers show you accessible properties and homes in the individual.

There are brilliant basic, center schools and secondary schools in the range close homes available to be purchased in Wesley Chapel Homes. Numerous schools around there are fresh out of the box new, An appraised schools. There are two substantial shopping centers in the zone and they incorporate the Shoppes at Wiregrass, Wesley Chapel Investment Property and an immense shopping center named the Woods which can be found on the northern end. Wiregrass has numerous fine bistros. Local people and guests to appreciate. The Cypress Stream town focus is found here moreover. There are two fresh out of the plastic new schools that simply been assembled, which makes the spot a brilliant home for families with kids. This is a flourishing group with a wide assortment of organizations, both old and new.

The Wesley Chapel people group has been known as a noteworthy focal point of the quick development and Pascoe District. The nature jam and protection regions make the territory of the ideal home for an assortment of untamed life. There is additionally another district park which pulls in youngsters and grown-ups, and it has been opened close to the convergence of Boyette and Bridge streets. There is likewise an exceptionally decent new healing facility called Florida Doctor’s facility at Wesley Chapel. Wesley Chapel Investment Property, Schools and colleges are situated inside the group and are anything but difficult to get to.

This is totally a great spot for families, couples, singles, and retirees to settle. It is an extraordinary spot to live in close tight sew group. Group occasions occur all consistently. Scan through Wesley Chapel MLS postings and see what is accessible for the business sector in this group at this moment.

Wesely Chapel Home Buyers
First Time Wesley Chapel Home Buyers 941 706 Relevé Real Estate

First Time Wesley Chapel Home Buyers

Wesely Chapel Home BuyersStepping into the home buying business sector can be an overwhelming knowledge. Lamentably, there is no totally watertight orderly procedure to ensure you’re acquiring the right house for Wesely Chapel Home Buyers. In any case, on the off chance that you continue understanding you will see a portion of the greatest missteps that first-time purchasers make and comprehend what to maintain a strategic distance from when it comes time to purchase your own first home. Try not to be a first time dealer that second thoughts their choices as a first-time purchaser.

A bit excessively cozy and little

In the event that you are love birds or plan to begin a family soon, as Wesely Chapel Home Buyers you should abstain from picking a property that is a bit excessively comfortable. It’s profoundly exhorted you don’t go for a two-room home as you will get yourself somewhat confined when tyke number two arrives and you’ll be hoping to move to a bigger home. Regardless of the fact that you don’t have any quick longing to begin a family, arranges can change through the span of a couple of years and the little two-room old cabin you discovered sufficient could get to be prohibitive. Three-room houses are by and large more appropriate as, if do you stay at the property for additional time than you at first expected, they sufficiently offer space to easily begin a family.

Excessively extensive

On the flip side of the scale is the home that is much too enormous. A six-room house will offer a lot of space for visitors and your future kids to grow up, however, it may not right now suit the necessities of you and your accomplice. You won’t require the additional rooms for a long time and might pay a much bigger home loan than you shortly need to.

The venture

It might entice to purchase yourself a property needing some redesign and convey its breakthrough with a little work. There are a lot of TVs demonstrates that demonstrate the change a home can experience with two or three challenging tasks and a couple days of painting and adorning. Nonetheless, loads of undertaking homes invade on time and go fundamentally over the spending plan, notwithstanding when taken care of by veteran mortgage holders. On the off chance that you can sensibly consummate your home inside a sensible spending plan and time span, with basic updates, you may have found the right venture house for you. Be that as it may, in the event that you detect a few difficult tasks and the requirement for a noteworthy upgrade, you ought to abstain from falling into a cash pit.

The extra time executioner

Does your planned new home have any lavish unique elements that will require heaps of support or upkeep? Swimming pools, hot tubs, huge front and back greenhouses, and so on all require loads of time and extensive cost to keep up. It is safe to say that you are cheerful to invest your free energy and money keeping up the pure appearance and components of your home? If not, then you ought to discover something more reasonable.

Thinking about your new home as a business speculation in Wesley Chapel Property Management.

Each first-time purchaser might want to make the most of their new living space for a couple of years, perhaps make a couple of enhancements, offer their home for a great looking benefit, and purchase a surprisingly better second home. Yet, regarding your first private property as a venture opportunity, as opposed to a home to live in, can blowback and snuff yearnings. Now and then you can make perpetual home enhancements that simply don’t resound with the following potential purchaser. What’s more, because of outside variables, house costs don’t generally rise and you are left with almost no influence on the estimation of your property. In the event that you are thinking about your first property as a speculation, and are more worried by a home’s offer on worth than you are by its appropriateness as a living space to live, you ought to contemplate the business sector completely before settling on any choices. Take as much master exhortation as you can and think deliberately before you make an offer and sign the printed material.

Overlooking the area for Wesely Chapel Home Buyers

While your own particular Wesley Chapel Homes needs may not be influenced by a home’s area, some of the time it will extraordinarily influence future purchaser’s needs. You may think you have found a deal, the however, battle to discover a purchaser with regards to the offering. Regardless of the possibility that you have no arrangements to begin a family or wouldn’t fret not being situated in the unpleasant around the edges side of town, you ought to consider what future purchasers will search for. Try to watch out for the school locale and financial quality of the territory.

home warranty
Do I need a Home Warranty? 640 426 Relevé Real Estate

Do I need a Home Warranty?

home warranty

What’s a home warranty, and do you want one?

Proudly owning a domestic is a outstanding success but at the identical time, it comes with duties. Upkeep & regular maintenance are a number of the matters that you may now need to deal with as a domestic proprietor. But, many first time domestic proprietors are not always prepared for some of the troubles they will run into with their utilities or maybe housing structure. For instance you can wake up one morning to find out that your water heater has damaged down and it’s 32 tiers out of doors. Everything in your own home has a existence cycle so its excellent to be organized when matters want fixing or maybe replacing.

What do you do while such matters happen?

Many owners might not have the enjoy important to do small maintenance, specially when they come at surprising times. A few individuals can be lucky sufficient to have a close-by member of the family who is knowledgeable in those sort of prevalence. Others may also recognise an electrician or a plumber but the whole method of getting bids and figuring out what the real motive of the hassle is, let alone getting it solved, takes quite a few time. The first-rate issue to do as a new home proprietor is to have a domestic guarantee.

What is a home warranty?

A domestic warranty works nearly like an extended warranty or insurance coverage you would buy in your flat display television or telephone. It covers the fees for replacing or repairing almost some thing that can sooner or later end functioning in your own home. Normally, payment plans range from $three hundred to $900 according to yr.

The only aspect that you may should do is touch your home assurance issuer either by means of phone or by way of submitting a ticket on line. The home warranty provider will then contact the employer or contractor they have a settlement with. The employer will then send someone to resolve the trouble via both fixing it or replacing the malfunctioning object all collectively. All of the restore or substitute charges might be included by your home assurance top rate and you’ll handiest be required to make a co-charge for each incident.

Who should purchase a home warranty?

Home warranties are specifically suitable for first time millennial and gen x/y domestic consumers who are commonly accustom to renting. Those former renters may often be so willing to call the landlord each time a trouble arises. Your new domestic warranty company will essentially take over the position of your former landlord. These domestic owners often paintings for lengthy hours and might not have the time or strength to call round and discover an electrician or a plumber to get appropriate estimates from. Having to wait through the 12-4pm window for the restore character to come back to your property may also now not be so appealing.

Upkeep whether expected or surprising can be too costly and you could undergo an alternatively lengthy process before you get the trouble resolved. You can avoid having to address this procedure in your personal with the aid of setting up a home warranty.

A Home warranty is not restricted to most effective gen x/y and different first time domestic owners. Any domestic proprietor at any age can purchase a domestic assurance any time. So there’s a few flexibility whilst it comes to buying your home warranty.

If your home has been inspected, then you definitely understand the existence expectancy & the situation of the maximum of your utilities. Usually, maximum home equipment damage down after round 15 or twenty years and also you don’t need to deal with several malfunctioning matters at the identical time.

Before you do buy a home assurance but, it’s miles beneficial to keep around and evaluate the numerous rates & insurance plans treasured to make certain which you get a bargain. Keep in mind that an older home will, in reality, need more coverage.

Investors who may not need to be doing maintenance for his or her tenants must additionally keep in mind home warranties. This have to specifically be taken into consideration via real estate traders who aren’t as experienced with the typical quantity of renovation a assets would require. A guarantee will even prove very beneficial if you don’t have a network of restore humans to be had to make the maintenance. A domestic warranty will keep each you and your tenants glad and satisfied.

Land O’ Lakes Foreclosures 150 150 Relevé Real Estate

Land O’ Lakes Foreclosures


Land O’ Lakes Foreclosures

Land O' Lakes ForeclosuresWhen you have record numbers of foreclosures like the United States has had over the last few years, you get record numbers of renters.

The most amount of people in history have been losing their homes to foreclosure when this happens the person:

A. Doesn’t have a place to live

B. Has bad credit

C. Can’t qualify for another mortgage

So where do these people go?  Some may have to move in with family, but the majority will be looking for a place to rent.

This means that there are currently a record number of people that are interested in renting a property.  This is good news for our property management company since it makes finding tenants very easy.

In some recent cases, we have had people bidding up properties over the advertised rental price.  Once properties are rented, we continue to get tons of phone calls and emails from people trying to find a place or see if we have anything similar.

Owners who can capitalize on this opportunity can increase their cashflow and limit vacancies on their properties.

For expert property management in Land O’ Lakes, Florida, contact Relevé Real Estate and Property Management.

Wholesale Properties Land O’ Lakes 150 150 Relevé Real Estate

Wholesale Properties Land O’ Lakes


Wholesale Properties Land O’ Lakes

Wholesale Properties Land O' Lakes

There is always a good time to buy, as long as you buy right and have an exit strategy.

There is always opportunity in the real estate market, but in the current dynamic market it takes more savvy to create a profit.

From an investment standpoint, the biggest returns are no longer in higher priced homes which could leverage high appreciation.  Wholesale, ‘cheap’ homes, improved and then flipped or resold for a high percentage profit are the best way to create a gain.

Currently specializing in wholesale properties throughout Pasco County, Florida.  Relevé is finding deals and getting investors into properties to produce cash flow or high percentage returns on investment.

Finding Wholesale Properties Land O’ Lakes and then having effective property management is the key to success

We manage your investment in Lutz, Land O’ Lakes and Tampa, Florida.  Relevé Real Estate.

If Land O’ Lakes Mortgage Rates Went Up 150 150 Relevé Real Estate

If Land O’ Lakes Mortgage Rates Went Up


Land O' Lakes Mortgage Rates

Land O’ Lakes Mortgage Rates

If mortgage rates went up, the dollar would be worth more.  The money would be more expensive to borrow, therefore, more scarce and valuable.  You would have more purchasing power with the money you already have and earn a higher return on savings.  Banks would have more money to lend because they could entice customers with high CD, IRA and savings rates.  The higher rates would curb inflation, causing the price of everything to go down, including real estate.

Higher mortgage rates will further depreciate America’s housing market. If you are selling a home for$100k and the average mortgage rate is 5%, the buyer’s payment on a 30 year fixed mortgage is $536 per month.  If the mortgage rate went up to 8%, how much of an offer could the buyer make and still keep their monthly payment at $536?

Answer: $73k.  Buyers in the market for your property can now only offer 73% of the price when rates were 3% lower.  Your home just depreciated 27%.

Are we at the bottom?  Not even close.

On April 1st Federal Reserve is not continuing its investment, which means that mortgage rates are about to increase.  Experts believe home prices will drop 5 to 10 percent.  –

Rates have been kept artificially low for the past 9 years, creating a boom and then propping up a bust.

Perhaps rates should really be at 15-20% to make up for all the money that has been printed and spent.

Either rates will stay low and the whole thing will go into a death spiral or at some point market forces will push rates up.  When that happens, expect your home to be worth less, and maybe the market bottom will be in sight.

For professional property management in Land O’ Lakes and Lutz, FL, contact Relevé Real Estate and Property Management

Rental Marketing Land O’ Lakes 150 150 Relevé Real Estate

Rental Marketing Land O’ Lakes

Rental Marketing Land O' Lakes

Rental Marketing Land O’ Lakes

Vacancies will kill your cash flow. Having your property vacant just one month can wipe out all of your profits from the year.  It is better to secure a tenant for $50 less than what you are asking than to have your property sit vacant for a month.  Being real estate investors ourselves, we adopted the philosophy of ‘keep it rented.’

So when we have a property coming available, we do everything we can think of to get it rented fast.

Our biggest successes have come from marketing our properties online.  This not only gives us a lot of great targeted leads, it doesn’t cost our owners a dime.

The video is becoming more popular on the web.  Videos are also being factored into rankings on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

If you list a video with the area + for rent in the title, then your video link will show up in property searches for that area.

The actual ad looks a lot better and gives the prospective tenant a better experience in shopping for a home to rent.

The advertising costs to our owners are still zero, but we now create great looking video advertisements for their properties.  They are posted on the Relevé Property Management channel of YouTube.

Going forward, videos will become more and more important in finding and securing good tenants.  Sun Rock will continue to utilize technology to make your property stand out from the rest and eliminate vacancy.

In Pasco and Hillsborough counties, Florida, We Manage Your Investment.

Finding a Tenant in Land O’ Lakes 150 150 Relevé Real Estate

Finding a Tenant in Land O’ Lakes

Finding a Tenant in Land O' Lakes

Finding a Tenant in Land O’ Lakes

Properties do not necessarily have to be listed on the MLS.  The MLS would be more for prospective tenants that are looking for a rental with a real estate agent.  Generally, the commissions are not that good for tenant location, so most real estate agents do not pursue these leads.  Usually, it is for a friend or referral.  Overall, the MLS is geared more towards sales and for listing your rental property and finding a tenant in Land O’ Lakes, Florida, it is best to have the advertisement show up on many different websites.The MLS used to be the only thing out there to buy and sell properties.  But now with so many resources online, it is irrelevant.

Most of the sites are free, and there are sites that circulate the ads to multiple sites.  Most of our leads come from Zillow, Craigslist, and the company website.  Zillow is still the current king of finding tenants online.  Everyone uses it.  We post our properties to over 50 different rental listing websites. We get a couple of leads from HotPads and then some from local rental pages.

If your property manager tells you their advertising strategy is to list the property on the MLS, this is probably not the fastest and most effective way to find a tenant in land o’ lakes, Florida.

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Land O’ Lakes Real Estate Market Bottom 150 150 Relevé Real Estate

Land O’ Lakes Real Estate Market Bottom

Land O’ Lakes Real Estate Market

Land O' Lakes Real Estate Market

It’s been a while since the crash of the housing market, but it is the decline of home values over yet?

If you ask a realtor, mortgage broker or builder, they will tell you it is a great time to buy. That the housing market can not get any lower and that “things” are getting better. I would like to believe them, but I do not see how things can get better when they are propped up, and there are no catalysts to increase demand.

We still have low-interest rates. Rates should be higher due to the amount of risk involved with lending money in this economy and depreciating collateral. Interest rates are being kept artificially low by the Federal Reserve. If market forces eventually push rates up to where they should be, then we could hit bottom. Will rates ever go higher?

We still have Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, they have been bailed out and continue to buy loans on the secondary market. This eliminates risk for banks to lend responsibly and was part of the reason for the bubble in the first place. With government sponsored entities buying up every loan and banks being bailed out, they are not learning from their mistakes. The elimination of risk keeps banks lending and slows the fall to the bottom.

Unemployment has been going up, and I haven’t noticed any new jobs being created. As a property manager in Wesley Chapel and Tampa, Florida sees a lot of vacant commercial space and people not spending money. In a service-based economy, this is not a good thing.

My guess is that we have a long slow ride to the bottom, which could take 5-10 years (hopefully not 17). Then from there we will see a less volatile market with slow and steady appreciation that keeps pace with population growth and hopefully inflation.

Tell us what you think.

Lutz Home Prices 150 150 Relevé Real Estate

Lutz Home Prices

Lutz Home Prices

Lutz Home Prices

In Hillsborough County, home and condominium resales rose in October. However,  there’s still a debate about the housing market recovery.

According to the Florida Association of Realtors, sales of existing single-family homes in the Tampa-Lutz market rose nearly 50 percent in October compared to the same month a year ago. Sales of previously-owned condos also escalated.

Bargain-hunters and first-time homebuyers seeking the federal tax-credit deadline pushed the sales spike. This led to a decrease in the median sales price from a year ago.

Lutz, FL remains a growth area as the Tampa Bay area population spreads out.  New construction, such as Long Lake Ranch, will continue to bring in more residents and eventually, more local businesses.   Rental rates remain high across the board in Lutz, with limited supply causing an acceptable level of demand.

Whether you are looking to purchase a condo on the 10th-hole or a beautiful home in the Lutz area, prices are right for an investment in a rental property.

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Are Your Real Estate Dreams Crushed? 150 150 Relevé Real Estate

Are Your Real Estate Dreams Crushed?

real estate dreams

Maybe you had big dreams about becoming a real estate investor, using other people’s money to leverage BIG deals, create a passive income and build a high net worth.  You were going to live the good life, own big houses, luxury cars, travel around the world and basically do whatever you want without worrying about money.

In the mid-2000s, these dreams were coming true for many.  There were stories every day about people making BIGprofits in real estate.  Houses were appreciating like crazy, and you had to get a piece of the action before it was too late.

Then the housing market crashed started crashing, those properties you bought are now worth half of what you owe on them, they have been for sale for a year with no inquiries, unemployment is up and tenants stop paying their rent.  Maybe you now have a foreclosure or two on your credit report, and maybe it was a big mistake to get into real estate in the first place.  Maybe you should forget about those dreams and just be happy you have a job.  Or……

Maybe you should get back in the game.

If you did buy an investment property then you learned quite a bit.  You would have started by getting lots of information on how to buy investment properties, getting a mortgage, finding a realtor, going to a closing, being a landlord, etc.  So this means you have a pretty solid base of education in the real estate industry.  If you have been through the process start to finish then you also have experience in the real estate industry.  If you then have experiences where you defaulted, ruined your credit or lost a lot of money, you have the most valuable experience of all, failure.

Say you bought a house for $300K and now it is getting foreclosed on.  That is a $300K lesson learned in real estate.  How many real estate courses can you buy for $300K?

My point is that if you do not use any of the valuable education or experience you have acquired, then that is just stupid, right?  You must learn from your mistakes, Excessive Cash always follows education and experience.

So dust yourself off, get creative, realize that the real estate game has changed and follow these rules.


  • buy for appreciation
  • think a mortgage is the only way to buy a property
  • think you will sell in 3 months
  • have a negative cash flow
  • speculate
  • buy at market value (it is going to depreciate)
  • be in a hurry


  • have an exit strategy
  • a cashflow analysis
  • utilize the internet and realtors to find the properties for you
  • submit low offers
  • be patient
  • realize that there are other places to invest
  • find private investors who would love to have a 8% secured return

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Rent Bubble? 150 150 Relevé Real Estate

Rent Bubble?


rent bubble

Rents have been rising steadily across the nation.

“While it seems that rents are rising at the expense of home values, the opposite is true. A thriving rental market will stimulate home sales as investors snap up low-priced inventory to convert to rentals. That, in turn, will lower the number of homes on the market, which will eventually help put a floor under the value of all homes,” says Zillow chief economist Stan Humphries.

The fundamentals of investing do not change.  The real estate market has been more dynamic and extreme but the buying below market, renting for cash flow and holding for the long term is a winning strategy.

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Florida Foreclosure Pain 150 150 Relevé Real Estate

Florida Foreclosure Pain

Florida Foreclosure

florida foreclosure

Florida Foreclosure activity is on the rise as Florida continues to have one of the highest rates of foreclosures in the nation. California and Nevada round out the top three and foreclosures were reported as increasing 32 percent from last year.

This means that more bank reports are on the way and depreciation of Florida real estate values will continue.

The bottom is still a long way off, and investors should be patient, consider cash flow and ask “what if this property depreciates 3% per year for the next ten years?”.  Florida Foreclosure pain continues.

This statement is worth noting “In Florida, one in every 135 households received a filing in April.”

From Wikipedia, a Florida Foreclosure is a legal process in which a lender attempts to recover the balance of a loan from a borrower, who has stopped making payments to the lender, by forcing the sale of the asset used as the collateral for the loan.

Formally, a mortgage lender (mortgagee), or another lienholder, obtains a termination of a mortgage borrower (mortgagor)’s equitable right of redemption, either by court order or by operation of law (after following a specific statutory procedure).[2]

The 2010 United States foreclosure crisis, sometimes referred to as Foreclosure-gate or Foreclosuregate,[1][2] is an ongoing and unresolved issue in the United States and refers to an apparently widespread epidemic of improper foreclosures initiated by large banks and other lenders. The foreclosure crisis was extensively covered by news outlets beginning in October 2010, and several large banks, including Bank of America, JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, and Citigroup temporarily responded by halting their foreclosure proceedings in some or all states.[3][4] The foreclosure crisis has caused significant investor fear in the U.S.[5] A 2014 study published in the American Journal of Public Health links the foreclosure crisis with an increase in suicide rates.[6]

One out of every 248 households in the United States received a foreclosure notice in September 2012, according to RealtyTrac. [7] [8]

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Storage Facility
Finding the Right Storage Facility 640 427 Relevé Real Estate

Finding the Right Storage Facility

Storage FacilityFrom time to time you’ll run over things around the house that you never utilize however you can’t discard or give. These things can consume up huge room in your home and turn out to be a significant bother to store. In the event that you end up in such a circumstance, utilizing a storeroom is an awesome choice to keep your belonging secure and effectively available. The following are some vital elements to help you settle on precisely what you’re searching for with regards to picking a self storeroom.

What kind of capacity do you require?

You ought to pick an office that gives the right stockpiling alternatives to suit your particular necessities.


It can be hard to judge the amount of space you should satisfactorily store your things. Leasing a unit that is too substantial is a misuse of your assets, while capacity that is too little, will clearly not have the capacity to hold the greater part of your things. To evaluate the measure of space you will require, make an extensive rundown of the considerable number of things that you wish to store and search for quotes and counsel from capacity organizations on the extent of capacity unit you will require.

Atmosphere controlled capacity

While they can be more costly, atmosphere controlled capacity units are perfect for keeping things that are sensitive or of wistful worth. Then again on the off chance that you live in a range that is influenced by shifting climatic conditions, atmosphere controlled units are an extraordinary approach to keep your belonging protected and secure from the components.

Capacity area

Capacity that is found near bigger urban communities has a tendency to be leased at a premium, while more separated stockpiling areas are typically less expensive. On the off chance that you require your things to be routinely available, it is a smart thought to pick a capacity area that is adjacent to your home. On the off chance that you just once in a while need your things, a less expensive office that is further far from your home merits considering.

Simple entry

Standard weekday access to your capacity unit may not fit with your timetable, while some storerooms are available all day, every day and might be more suited to your necessities. Choose how frequently and at what times you will require access your capacity unit before looking into the open hours accessible at various storerooms.


You need your belonging to be secure, so security is a need while picking a storeroom. Ensure that the capacity organization offers the accompanying security and wellbeing highlights.

CCTV and caution

The office ought to have a cutting edge camera observation framework and alert framework. It ought to have complete scope of the entire site to guarantee the security of the capacity units.

Fire wellbeing

The office ought to be furnished with flame cautions and a sprinkler framework to shield your things from flame harm.

Capacity Features

Capacity units ought to be satisfactorily ventilated by crevices at the highest point of the dividers, or a ventilation framework, to guarantee that there is flow of air to keep any buildup. The floor of the unit ought to be raised to stay away from the stream of any surface water, and the entryway ought to be secure and furnished with a solid hook so you can utilize an individual lock.

Upkeep of the office

The state of a storeroom is a decent marker of the dependability of the organization. While inquiring about offices you ought to guarantee that:

The structures a very much kept up and not basically harmed. Gaps and splits in a building can show spilling, infestations of bugs, and different issues.

The property is kept clean and in a decent condition of repair. Grimy and jumbled regions show an absence of support and expanded flame hazard.

Helpful hardware and stacking docks are accessible to customers.

Adequate stopping, with direct access to the capacity.

Sufficient lighting to guarantee you can without much of a stretch handle your assets amid the day and night.

A high inhabitance of capacity units, an absence of inhabitance demonstrates the office may have fundamental issues.

Inviting and accommodating staff that are educated about the operation of the office.

Visit storerooms in individual before picking an organization. You will be all around educated of the qualities and frail purposes of every site before settling on a choice. Ensure that the office you pick gives attractive robbery and harm protection to cover your profitable things.