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Neighborhood Facts
Located in Lutz, Florida Crenshaw Lakes Real Estate is a friendly neighborhood.   Crenshaw Lakes Real Estate has been growing fast. Growth in the Tampa Bay area continues to spread out. Crenshaw Lakes has many different options from reasonably priced homes to luxury living. New businesses are expected to continue to spring up along the state road 54 corridor and surrounding area.  Many people are moving to Florida, making it the second fastest growing state in the nation.  Florida has no state income tax and mild winters.

Neighborhood Features
The community of Crenshaw Lakes is known for its beauty and design. The neighborhood is well maintained by the residents and homeowner’s association.  Scenic lakes and wooded regions stretch throughout the area.
The location offers quick access to Tampa, Land O’ Lakes, New Tampa and major roadways such as I-75, I-275, I-4 and the Suncoast Parkway.
Crenshaw Lakes also offers many amenities. There is a community pool, sports and fitness courts and many other outdoor activities.

Nearby Schools
The area has several high rated schools for the children to attend including Steinbrenner High School, Martinez Middle School, Schwarzkopf Elementary and Mckitrick Elementary.

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Crenshaw Lakes Real Estate
There are many different types of homes available in the Crenshaw Lakes neighborhood. Single family homes can be found for reasonable prices. Larger homes are priced at higher levels based on square footage.
Crenshaw Lakes could be a perfect fit for you and your real estate goals. There is a wide range of style alternatives to choose from.
The rental market remains strong across the Crenshaw Lakes neighborhood. Low vacancy rates and increasing rental values are expected to continue. The area could possibly have the perfect investment for you.

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